Your websites font should be consistent on all of your webpages.

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Can your customers read the writing on the wall?

Your websites font can say a lot about your business. It can invoke imagery and convey emotion, it can be dead serious or whimsical and fancy.

Making sure your font fits your websites tone, and is readable and accessible, is very important - likely, DotGO has dozens of great fonts to choose from.



Why does this matter?

Your website has to remain consistent with your business branding. If it doesn’t, it will turn off the visitor.


  • Fonts are a great way to ensure this consistency.
  • An appropriate font adds a degree of uniqueness to your website.

Out of Sync

  • The wrong font instantly jars the website visitor.
  • No matter what you say, the physical look of your site will make a bigger impact and more quickly.
  • The wrong font will confuse and repel your site users.

What do we do?

We ensure, with our colossal library of fonts, that your website has a font that matches your business’ image.


  • We have fonts for every business, from Accountancy Firms to Ghost Tours.
  • Without doubt, we’ll have something that’s right for you.

Font Manager

  • A dedicated font manager is included in your control panel.
  • Our system takes care of all the technical difficulties that come with font changes.


  • We enable you, with this, to edit and change fonts across your site.
  • We’ll help you mix and match fonts, if you wish.
  • You can also change the size.


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