All business websites should include a blog - connect with your audience and build authority.

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Business growth comes from making connections with your customers.

Blogging is more than sharing your opinion, it's about showing the world that you are an expert in your field. 

Use a blog to highlight your products or write a case study about your latest work, or even use your blog to educate your visitors.

The opportunities are endless - all it requires is your time and some inspiration... Read our own website design and business advice blogs for ideas.



Why does this matter?

Draw attention to certain areas of your business and lead the conversation around your industry.

Inform Your Customers

  • Sometimes, you need to get the word out or go into detail on a certain topic.
  • Blogs give you scope to do so, without taking up valuable website space.
  • They’re vital for helping you connect with your users.

SEO Factory

  • Every blog you write will appear, in Google’s eyes, as an individual page.
  • Each one can be optimised with different key words to maximise your SEO reach.
  • The more you post, the more attention you get from Google.

What do we do?

We can place blogs anywhere on your website, making them the star of the page, or supplementing other info.

Playing Support

  • We can implement a blog section as part of a home, service or any other page.
  • We’ll plug it in just below important info, to supplement it.
  • We’ll keep them online forever.

Star of the Show

  • We can dedicate an entire page to your blog.
  • That way, people will find it quickly.
  • We can place it front and centre, drawing visitors in.



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