It's important to us that we got everything right - that's why we give you a round of amendments.

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Design is subjective, doing things right isn't.

At DotGO we have created a design process that was created to capture all of the information that we need to build you an accurate website design for your business.

However, mistakes happen (rarely) and sometimes your website might have one or two imperfections - never fear, that's why we offer amendments on all of our work.



Why does this matter?

Our process makes it so that you only need one round of amendments at each stage of the build.

Doing the Legwork

  • Our process is based on research.
  • If the research is done right, very few amendments are necessary.
  • It keeps the process smooth and gets you up and running faster.

One Round

  • That said, there’ll always be a few things that need tweaking.
  • One amendment session at each stage is sufficient.

Give Google Time

  • You don’t want to be bogged down making changes forever.
  • The quicker your site’s up, the quicker Google can start indexing, the higher you’ll rank!

What do we do?

We make sure that we understand your business completely before we start building your website.

Know and GO

  • If we learn, from the beginning, what you’re after, we can build your website right.
  • We understand your business and your personality.
  • We’ll use this knowledge to build a site that’s perfect for you.

Take Our Hand

  • We’ll take you by the hand as we build your website.
  • There’ll be several phone calls with a designer and writer before we build your site.
  • We listen to what you need before we start clicking.


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