As a parent that's working from home, I can confidently say that this is more difficult than what most others are experiencing. It's difficult for them as they want to be stimulated in any kind of way and of course, as adults, we have to work and putting the two together can be interesting. 

Luckily my boys are very good and I rarely get disturbed whilst working. It has definitely happened, but even when it does, it's all whispers and toy related sounds. Luckily, we are all in this together. This situation isn't only my own but for every other parent out there across the world. 

Behind the scene

This was an interesting one because I was telling the kids to just go nuts but instead my eldest just hid out of frame and launched clothes at my face the whole time and I couldn't really get a good shot whilst my youngest just laid there. To be fair on the little one, he did just awake from a nap and was plodded on me and asked to act like a performing monkey but this time he wasn't interested but that's real life!

My eldest always climbs on my back not matter what I'm up to, be it playing Playstation (ha, like I ever get the chance when the kids are awake!), when I'm trying to pick up my youngest whilst he's upset for whatever reason or even when I'm having a meeting with a wedding supplier and talking about important matters. So he did just that and it really made me chuckle.

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