There's no getting away from working when you have a laptop. Since I was a teen, my close friends have always joked about how much I love to go to the loo. It's one of those jokes that came out of nowhere but had kept on going for so long that it has just stuck. When texting my friend one night he made that same joke and I thought it'd be great to add this to my pictures because I'm sure it'd make people chuckle! 

Behind the scene

A few things to spot. Firstly the meme. I always put up a meme of some kind because you can't see any customer related information so I thought I'd put the 'Sittin' on tha toilet' meme that never ceases to make me laugh every time I watch it. 

I've changed out Dell's logo a little so instead, it reads 'poop' and Photoshopped a toilet roll there too.. and yes, I am a child in a grownups body. 

I took a picture of myself on the toilet with the same lighting setup as I would do in my working area and kept the same camera-to-subject distance so it doesn't have a strange perspective!

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