Credit Card Fraud

An old classic, credit card fraud – when someone uses stolen credit card data to buy products on your ecommerce store – remains one of the most popular tactics for hackers given that it can be very difficult to trace and safeguard against. This is especially the case if your website processes hundreds of transactions every day. Another form of credit card fraud, albeit less prevalent, is when some little scamp steals your personal details and identity in order to acquire a credit card.

There are ways to prevent credit card fraud attacks on your ecommerce website design system. Firstly, remember that in most fraud cases the shipping and billing addresses vary, so installing an AVS (Address Verification System) can be a useful tool for spotting suspicious billing addresses. Also take note of whether a customer’s IP address is in the same location as the billing information on the order.

There is no watertight form of protection, so the key is to remain vigilant. Look out for sales of a much higher value than usual. Check if a successful order was preceded by several unsuccessful ones. Remember: the enemy, like those tricky Viet Cong chaps, camps in perfect obscurity right under your nose, ready to pounce at any moment. You must be ready.

DDoS Attacks

In recent years, many ecommerce websites have suffered at the hands of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. This is when your servers receive a litany of requests from several untraceable IP addresses, causing your ecommerce website design to crash and go offline, thereby exposing itself to even more vicious and long-lasting attacks. Research suggests that the total number of DDoS attacks increased by a whopping 84% in the first quarter of 2019 compared to the final quarter of the previous year, so you would be well-advised to be extremely conscious of this phenomenon and take all necessary steps to prevent it from hurting your online shop.


A number of ecommerce website designs have received customer reports of messages from hackers masquerading as you, the legitimate store owner. This is called phishing. And there are now more ways to get phished than ever before. A discount code, for example, can be from a perpetrator. More commonly, fraudsters will create fake copies of your website pages and hope that you fail to recognise its spurious nature. The key here, as always, is to look a little closer. Check for SSL verification, of course, but more importantly, look for the minor details. As the owner of an ecommerce website design system, you have been in the internet sphere for long enough to know when something smells… phishy.


Another old classic, malware is the product of hackers designing vicious software with the intention of gaining access – or causing damage – to your ecommerce website design system. Such software could be spyware, viruses, ransomware, or Trojan Horses. Your system, along with that of your customers, could well have unknowingly downloaded Trojan Horses onto their desktop, ready to storm the gates at any moment. Malware files can swipe sensitive data, take control of computers, send malicious emails from your account, and even get full access to your database. Installing protection from a reliable provider is a good safeguard against all this stuff.


Anyone who has used the internet for any period of time will be aware of spam bots, seemingly always lingering in the background, like feral dogs, until one hapless user doesn’t pay close attention and then, BAM, they are bitten right on the arse, soon to be foaming at the mouth themselves. Bad bots behave like real users and essentially work like automated programmes, designed to perform a specific task. Thankfully, the prominent use of CAPTCHA serves as an easy way for your system to tell between a human and a machine, although how long this distinction lasts is a matter of debate. For now, though, it works well enough.

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