What is a Backlink?

Put simply, a backlink is a link from one website to another. If your website is linked on another high-quality, credible platform, you will, in turn, attain a higher position in search engine results. This is because each credible backlink serves as a ‘vote of confidence’ from another source. As you receive more backlinks, search engines learn that your content is worth linking to, which puts you higher on a search engine results page (SERP).

Avoid Low-Quality Links and Spam

Please remember that a lot of backlinks does not equate to good SEO. In fact, if you go all-guns-blazing and acquire links from websites that Google deems to be either a low-quality source, inappropriate or spam, then your website becomes lumped in with all these bad apples. The consequence is that your own website will be penalised. Like with many things, it’s about quality, not quantity.

Use Reddit

If you have recently used DotGO’s ecommerce website design system to build your online shop and don’t know about the weird and wonderful powers of Reddit, now is a good time to start. This forum serves as a guerrilla-like, layered and tangled, highly valuable, wildly popular network of interests and individuals – the Ho Chi Minh Trail of the internet – whose raison d’etre is giving people access to information, no matter how niche the subject at hand.

As a newcomer, find the subreddit within Reddit that is most relevant to what you do – Redditors don’t appreciate spam – and go crazy in that channel. Get to know it. Post as much relevant and unique content as possible. Once you leave the habitual confines of Google, Bing, Facebook, etc and plunge yourself, Kurtz-like, into Reddit, there is no turning back. Believe me.

Comment on Blogs

Easy to do and highly effective, commenting on the blogs of ecommerce website designs similar to yours is a very popular way of acquiring backlinks for your online shop. The idea is that you find some website whose niche matches yours and leave a friendly comment on a post that includes a link back to your website. This creates immediate link juice between that website and yours. And if you can, find a series of blogs where a number of websites are doing the same thing. Linking forces will help your backlinks grow quickly.

Product Reviews

If possible, find an ecommerce website in your industry – or, better, an influencer of some kind – to produce a review of a certain product that you really want to push. Like with commenting on blogs, the more you do this for others and show your brand to others, the more people will do the same for you. Law of attraction, baby. Moreover, product reviews garner a high level of backlink authority as they satisfy important requirements such as link relevancy and optimal link placement within the post itself, as opposed to being in a sidebar or footer.

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