What Is A Cookie?

Website Cookies Explained

You may have seen the word “cookies” on various websites that ask for your permission to store them or use them. This article will explain what cookies are, and why they are used…

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a text file that usually contains both a site name and user ID. This text file is downloaded onto your device when you visit a website using cookies.

The next time you visit the same website, your device checks to see if it has a relevant stored cookie. If it does, it sends information from the cookie back to the website.

Why Are They Used?

Cookies can be used to track your activity on a website. Cookies can track things like date or time of visits, pages viewed, and products ordered. It gives website owners feedback on the activity of people on their website, where people are spending most of their time, and what they are clicking on.

Although cookies can track activity, they do not mean anyone can access your personal data.

Can I Delete Cookies On My Own Device?

Yes. Cookies can be blocked or deleted by adjusting the preferences or settings on your Web browser if you wish. However, this may mean you can not fully use certain interactive features on some websites.

On the whole, cookies are standard internet practice and are nothing to be worried about. But if you are ever concerned, feel free to delete your cookies whenever you wish.

Do you have any questions about Cookies? Fell free to comment below, or read the next article: “What Is A Cache?”, where you can find out exactly how to delete both cookies and caches.