5 Blog Ideas To Get Started

Ideas To Start Blogging

A blog needn’t be a sales pitch. A blog’s purpose is to showcase your business and your knowledge in your field. It is a trust-building tool to get people interested in your business and realise the value it can provide. A blog is also great for boosting your Google rankings through building a valuable and content-rich site within your niche.

Here are a few ideas that you can use to get started with a blog:

1. A Summary Of The Week

At the end of every week, you could sum up your week in the business. You can mention what services you provided, what products where shipped, your biggest jobs or smallest jobs, challenges faced, what you were most pleased with, and what you are most looking forward to. It does not have to be a masterpiece, just a demonstration that you are a functioning business that loves to provide a good service.

2. Tips and Tricks

Perhaps you sell clothing. You could write a blog about the best way to maintain the product so that it lasts. If you are a painter you could blog about the best brands of paint to use indoors or outdoors. If you own a horse livery, you could blog about the best ways to take care of a horse. If you are a therapist, you could write about ways to get the most out of a session, or what people can do in their own time for increased wellness.

You can write about anything that is related to the field you are in, and write so that people can benefit in some way.

3. Q & A’s

Are there any questions you get asked regularly? Answer them on your blog. This acts as both a valuable resource for your website users, but also as a tool you can point people towards if they are about to contact you with a question. It can also serve as a great page for Google, where people are typing in these very same questions – your page could have all the answers.

You can even have a section on your website where people can submit questions, and every week you can answer them on your blog.

4. Tutorials

Write a “how to”. Something you find easy but others might not. It’s a great way to get people interested in you and your business, and to show that you really know what you are talking about. “How To Check Your Engine”, “How To Change A Tyre”, “How To Print A T-Shirt”, “How To Write A Blog Post”…things like that.

5. Share Your Experience

People love stories. You could share you story in any area of your business. Perhaps you faced a huge challenge, spent a day at a trade fair, did a job that you were particularly proud of, spent a day learning something new – it could be anything. If you take a few pictures during the experience then that is an added bonus. You can simply write about the experience, what you did and what you learnt from it.

Get Started

These are just a few possible ideas for blog posts for your business. If you have an idea about anything related to your product or service – start writing, document your journey, or just share your thoughts with anyone who visits your website.