How do you know the image sizes you will need ?

Digital images are measured in pixels (px) . A large desktop could be 1600 pixels wide, a HD laptop 1300pixels, a tablet 1000pixels and a mobile phone about 700pixels wide.

An image for a large image slider would need to be in the region of 1600 – 1300 pixels wide and parallax images a similar size.

A typical embedded image would be around 1000 -800 pixels, whereas smaller embedded images can range from 250pixels to 500pixels wide.

Choosing images for the image slider Choosing images for the image slider

FREE high quality images

There are a few websites on the Internet where you can take images and use them for free. However a word of caution, it is worth checking out the licence agreement on these websites first to see what usage rights you actually have.

Here are a useful external resource that lists 45 websites where its possible to get free stock images

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