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DotGO has created thousands of unique designs for clients over the years, enabling small businesses all over the UK to achieve the professional image that they were looking for. Our powerful design tools have been built in-house and allow you to maintain and update your stunning new website with ease.

We design websites in accordance with the identity of your business. Using your existing branding and colours of choice, our professional designers will create a palette that reflects the exact tone of your business. If you are short of time or ideas, why not let your designer create a business website design that incorporates your own logo, text and images.

Whether you have a clear idea of precisely what you want or don’t really know where to begin, our designers are on hand to provide expert help. Why not take a look at some of our example websites to see what DotGO can do for your business.



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Images and Video

Images have the biggest impact on the way your website looks, so choosing the right ones is crucial. Moreover, it is highly important to ensure that the colour, size, shape and exact placing of each image is perfect. At DotGO, your dedicated website designer will work with you to find images that elevate the character and professionalism of your website.

We always encourage businesses to supply their own images by giving you access to our Dropbox account, which allows you to simply ‘drag-in’ any images that you want us to use. However, not everybody has high-quality images. That is why we also include £120 worth of Adobe Stock images for free, giving you access to the best providers of stock imagery and video to ensure that your website looks exceptional.

To access a wide range of superb images, just visit our image partner and select the codes for the images that you want for your website, and we will include them for free. Please ensure that the images chosen are reflective of the colour palette that you want us to use. Maintaining a common colour theme throughout boosts the streamlined, professional feel of your website.



Powerful Plugins

We take pride in using powerful, highly efficient plugin tools to create a website design that is personalised to your business. Plugins enable our designers to install client-focused content and features on your website in seamless fashion. From custom contact forms to elegant galleries, our tools will allow businesses to address specific client needs.

Our plugins are designed to add particular features that enhance the performance of your website. While effectively using plugins generally improves surfing experience, security and productivity on any given website, DotGO works closely with you to determine the plugins that will serve the specific interests of your business.

Whether you are a property management company or a private dentist, you can be sure that your designer will include plugins that invoke a streamlined user experience, allowing your clients to easily access any relevant pieces of information. Please see below to view the wide variety of highly effective plugins supplied by DotGO.

  • Image galleries
  • Contact forms
  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Audio player
  • Google Maps
  • Submission forms
  • Embed YouTube videos
  • Calls to action




Having a beautiful business website is of no use if your customers cannot find you. Over the past 17 years, we have come to know precisely what it takes to help small businesses achieve a high ranking in Google’s listings. To start with, we work with you to determine the correct keywords. Most of the time, your ideal SEO keyword incorporates (1) what you do and (2) where you do it (e.g. Decorators in Harlow).

Our professional designers gather data that determines which specific keywords would give your business the best chance of attaining a high listing on Google’s search engine rankings. We also actively submit your website to Google every 14 days, using a special XML sitemap in a format that they require.




Google uses many factors to rank, index and display your website. DotGO integrates many of these key factors into the website building process to ensure that Google indexes your website correctly. For instance, given that Google reads ‘metadata’ to summarise pages, our system uses simple tools to update the metadata for every page.

Every image is ‘tagged’ with your top keyword phrase, producing a highly visible stage for your keywords to be picked up by Google’s search engine crawlers. After registering the keyword data on your website’s images and text, Google will then match these keywords with the requests being entered by internet users as they search online.

By adopting an integrated, evidence-driven approach towards SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), we can provide your business with the best possible chance of reaching its customers online. Moreover, if you want to alter a keyword tag on any image in order to target a certain audience or draw attention to a particular product, we can do that for you.





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