When it comes to finding an affordable website that looks professional, does well on Google and works hard to drive your business forward, DotGO are number one for a reason.

Our Trustpilot speaks for us on this one – take a look and see what our customers have to say.

We know what it's like starting small – its taken us 20 years to get where we are today.

We also know that money's tight when you're starting out and, with that in mind, you might be thinking

“I'm already spending a few hundred on the design side of things. Do I really need to pay monthly as well?”

Don't worry – it's so worth it.


Website Design: A Brand-New Vehicle for Your Business

The design fee is all about getting the customer-facing side of things set up right. Think of it like buying a new car – You pay a sum upfront and walk away with the keys to your shiny new motor. With DotGO, it's actually even better(!), as we build your car from scratch, making sure it fits your desires and needs exactly. Pick the colours, features and style you want, in the knowledge that it'll help you get where you need to go.


Monthly Subscription: Petrol in the Tank

As I'm sure you'll know, whether you drive or not – without petrol, your car's going nowhere fast. That's where our monthly subscription comes in, topping you up with fuel and making sure your website runs smoothly.


What Does Our Subscription Cover?

Setup: The subscription fee covers the establishment of your “behind the scenes” internet presence. This means registering your domain (the name of your website), setting up your personal server, establishing your security measures and connecting you to the backbone of the internet. Without these vital tasks, your website can't get started!

Hosting: Once you're up and running, the subscription covers the ongoing hosting elements of your website, as well as keeping your data safe online. This means that your website “lives” on the fastest, most secure servers around, always running smoothly and loading quickly for your customers. Nobody wants to use a slow website, waiting forever for pages and pictures to load. The monthly subscription ensures that your customers never have to!

Email: A professional email address is a major part of any business' online presence:



We give you a free, professional email address with every new website and the upkeep is covered by the monthly subscription. This ensures that your emails are accessible everywhere, lets you build a mailing list and, most importantly, keeps nasty spam at bay!


Content: The jewel in the DotGO crown is our editor. It's what our talented, friendly designers use to put your website together, just the way you want it. The beauty of our system is that it's so easy to use and, as part of the DotGO family, it's open to you too! The monthly fee grants you access to your own personal “Control Panel,” from which you can make any change you like to your website, whenever it suits you.


Support: Sound a little daunting? Don't worry for a second. Your monthly subscription also covers access to our wonderful support network. We have a huge library of videos and walkthroughs that can show you exactly how to make the changes you need to. If you're still having trouble, we offer full support via email or over the phone – we're always happy to talk!


This is more of a summary but, if you're interested, we have a piece-by-piece breakdown of exactly what's covered by the fee right here (https://www.dotgo.uk/affordable-website-design). Ready to speak to an expert? Let's build a website that's professional, beautiful and useful to your business.


For an exhaustive list of what the monthly sub covers click here.