Our website editor (known as The Portal) has a number of powerful tools that will enhance and improve your website. Want to know which tools our designers like the best? Well we recently asked all of them. If you see some you've never used before, why not try yourself and see if you can make your website even better!

Google loves websites that are regularly updated, improved and enhanced. So why not add some exciting features when you’ve got some time.


My favourite features are parallax images/videos because they allow for more dynamic and interesting designs. They make websites more exciting, colourful and interesting.

I really like the fact you can utilise your favourite images as large backgrounds that scroll as you navigate the website. My top tip is to utilise these at the top of the page, using images as replacement for sliders. This means the image will work on mobile phones as well as desktops.


Image galleries are a fantastic way to showcase our clients work in a variety of responsive layouts that are simple to build. They can be organised, updated and integrated into our designs seamlessly. They also make great navigational buttons and invites website users to interact with the website.


I am a big fan of deep pages. They add lots of depth to websites and provide customers with the detailed information they are looking for. Having dedicated service/product pages also gives the website more SEO weight.

It is important that a website provides a great user experience, and deep pages add to this by making the navigation cleaner and easier. Deep pages are great for website designers as they are cloneable so they can be made relatively quickly!


I like page pop ups because they are a great way to inform people of the promotions you currently have on your site. They can also be used for additional incentives including email sign ups for free tips or downloadable content.

You should think carefully about using pop ups because some customers dislike how intrusive pop ups are. However, if you really want to grab your customer’s attention, page pop ups are a great tool.

Looking for more inspiration to improve and enhance your website? Then why not browse our video section. If you need any help implementing a particular feature, get in touch with us at DotGO because we’ll be happy to help!