Have you ever looked at a website design and been drawn in by a magical image gallery?

Perhaps the images are moving or maybe you are invited to interact with them, by scrolling or dragging.

Great image galleries :

  • present the visitor with gorgeous images and a memorable experience
  • allow more of your images to be viewed, keeps your visitor engaged while delivering a message of credibility and professionalism.

But how difficult is it to create a great looking image gallery with all these clever technical gimmicks?

Answer: not difficult at all !! 

Just three steps and you are there:

1.  Upload your images 

2. Drag the images into a gallery and select a pre-defined layout style 

3. Plugin the gallery where you want as many times as you want ! 

Our image galleries work in a variety of responsive layouts and are simple to design, organise and update. Designed for seamless integration, they can also make great navigational buttons.

Creative Windows is a window and door installer in South London and Surrey. An image gallery works well here by showcasing all of the products that they can fit.

Aerodronamic Solutions is a drone operator and their stunning imagery is perfect for the many image galleries on their site.

TRX International's website design uses an image gallery to create two beautiful buttons which visitors can click on.

Want to find out how you can create your own affordable business website design? 

Contact the team at DotGO.