Animation can add another level to the tone of your website design and even spice up an otherwise static looking web page. From pop in and pop out effects as you hover over buttons to whole paragraphs and images sliding into frame as you scroll, DotGO offers an array of animation options for your content.

However, be aware of how the animation is being used and make sure it matches the message you want your business to convey. Your clients may feel slightly bewildered if your funeral directory website design features images of coffins and urns flying in at warp speed from the edges of the page, but a gentle fade in of content as your scroll through the website could invoke a sense of sentimentality.

But maybe you want to show that you are quick to respond, offer a speedy service or even sell super charged engine chips for sports cars – an image of your product zooming into frame would work nicely here!

Risks and Rewards

Animation also has the added benefit of grabbing your reader’s attention, especially if your website design is text-heavy. It can help to break up the page and reward you for scrolling further.

But it may also become a distraction. Some website designs may not benefit from animation at all given that well-chosen images can instil a sense of movement.

Websites with minimal content or one page websites may use it to their advantage to make the website seem busier and not so flat.

Subtle Animation

You may want to only add some minor animation to your website, such as an effect on an image or a button when the reader clicks or hovers over them. Perhaps you want your images to enlarge or shrink; maybe you want a subtle roll out bar to appear on your navigation menu as you click between pages; you may even want your company logo to animate as you click it.

All of the above is possible, and more. But always remember that your animation should be in keeping with the tone of your website design.

Here are some great examples of animation and how they help bring these websites to life appropriately.


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