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1  Introduction

When you are ready to buy your site we have a simple buy-now wizard that takes you through each step of the purchasing process. Buying your website should take just 5 minutes. This guide explains each of the 5 steps that you will take.

Before you start you will need:

  • an idea of the domain name (or ) you want for your website,
  • your credit card details.

The Wizard Screen

The wizard screen is designed in user-friendly, helpful format and contains a number of helpful information bars.

There is a progress bar along the stop that shows how much information you have entered and how much is still to complete.

And there is a list of all the steps down the left of the screen that indicates which steps have been completed and which still remain.

3  Step1 - Starting the Buy Now system

To start the wizard just click the BuyNow button that appears on the left of your page after logging in to your site.

3.1  Regular Payments

We take an initial payment that covers the setup charge and the first months premium. Subsequent premiums are taken from the credit card you provide on the same day each month.

3.2  Contract Period

The minimum contract period is 12 months. A full copy of the Terms and Conditions can be found at .


Step2 - Choose a Domain Name

4.1  Step2 screen

When you click the Buy-Now link you will see a screen similar to that shown here.

The very first thing that you need to do before you can buy your site is decide what name (Domain_Name) you want for your website.

This step deals solely with the registration or the transfer of your domain name.

The screen is split into two sections. The upper section deals with the search and purchase of a new domain. The lower section deals with the transfer of a domain that you have already purchased and that you want to transfer to your new site.

If you want to buy a new site you can use our advanced search system to see if the domain name you want is available - just click the [Search for a Domain] button.

4.2  What is a domain name.

Your website needs a permanent address (also known as a 'domain name') such as or . All new addresses need to be registered. Our systems link directly to all the main registration services around the world. We charge just £2.50pm to buy the domain, register it in your name for 2 years, transfer it to your new website, send all the admin documentation to the relevant organisations and then pay the renewals whenever they become due.

Alternatively you can transfer an address that you have already registered for just £1.00 pm. We will send you all the instructions on how to transfer it to your website, but you are responsible for managing this domain and paying the renewal charges.

4.3  Multiple domains pointing to your site

It is possible to have many addresses for your website. This is quite normal. Most companies will have a number of domains pointing to their site.



4.4  Tips on choosing a domain name

  • Try and keep your domain name short and memorable.
  • If your business is based in the UK or your customers are mostly in the UK choose a domain name that ends .uk (it will achieve good search engine results and be more appealing to customers)
  • Consider having one domain name that has your business name and one domain name that says what you are (e.g and ). This way if customers try to guess your website from your business name you will be found.
  • Try and get your keywords into your domain name (e.g if your business is about cleaning carpets an ideal domain name would be ) This will help your search engine position.

4.5  How to search for a domain name for your site.

To search for a new Domain Name for your site click the [Search for a Domain] button in the top section of the screen.

A new screen is then displayed which allows you to search for a domain name. Just enter the domain name of your choice into the input box and click the [Check Availability] button

If the domain name is NOT available then the following message will be displayed

If the domain name is available then the following screen is displayed. You can either select this domain name or search again.

4.6  Using your own domain name

If you already own a domain name and you would like to use this as your website address simply type the name into the text box at the bottom of the step1 screen

Once you have purchased your site we will send you detailed instructions on how to transfer your domain name to us.

5  Step3 Selecting a website package

5.1  Choose the package

After you have selected a domain name the step 3 screen is displayed. You can choose a package that suits you and select any additional items that you require.

To choose a package:

  1. select one of the 4 packages from the drop down picklist

  1. click the [Select this Package] button

TIP if you are unsure which package to choose you can click the [See Comparison Table] link. This will display a summary of the packages available, their features and their cost.

5.2  Select Add-ons

After choosing a package, a list of available add-ons will then be displayed according to the package you have chosen.

If you are unsure about the add-ons simply roll your mouse over the [More Info] link next to the add-on to reveal a description of that product.

Once you have selected the add-ons you require click the [Checkout] button.

5.3  Confirm choices and cost

After clicking the [Checkout] button you will be asked to check the choices you have made and the costs.

A summary screen similar to the one shown will be displayed.

There are two parts to this summary. The upper part shows the one off costs that will be taken immediately from your credit card. This covers all the work involved in setting up the server, transferring your site, setting up your site for the search engines, registering you with all the main search engines and structuring your account.

The lower part shows the monthly premium that will be taken from your account each month. The first of these instalments will be taken with the setup fee.

Therefore in the example above the initial monthly payment will be (£92.83 + £26.44 = £119.27)

If you want to change the options you can simply press the double arrow icon shown or the [BACK] button on your browser.

To confirm the choices and cost click the [Confirm] button.

Step 4 - Enter your details

Before you can buy your site you need to enter your billing details. The details screen in step4 lets you enter all your billing details.

As a default the system will assume that the details you enter will be used to register the domain and be used as your main contact details. If either of these assumptions is wrong, you can tick the checkboxes at the foot of the page and complete further personal details screens.

Once you have entered all your details click the [Enter Billing Details] button to move onto step5 and the credit card entry screens



7  Step5 - Credit Card Entry

7.1  Enter your credit card

Credit card details are captured in a secure 128bit encrypted environment. The credit card is held by a UK registered Payment Service Provider (Secpay) and processed by Barclaycard Merchant Services.

Only the last 5 digits of your credit card are stored on our system. All movement of information is totally secure. Before your transaction is accepted your bank will be electronically contacted and the payment amount validated. Only when all the details you provided have been checked will the payment be authorised.

Once the credit card details have been entered click the [Authorise] button. You will then receive a results screen depending on the success of the transaction.

7.2  Invoice and emails

To minimise paperwork we produce annual invoices on the anniversary of the setup. The first invoice is emailed to you once the transaction is successful.

A further email is sent to you that explains what happens next. It explains how the emails will be setup and if you are transferring a domain that has already been purchased we will send you detailed instructions on how to proceed with the transfer.


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