The world as we know it, for better or worse, is moving more and more online. With metaverses, cryptocurrencies and all manner of other digital novelties entering popular domain, businesses have no choice but to get onboard or get left behind.

Fortunately, that’s where a website comes in, providing you with your own personal slice of the web. It begs the question though – with so many newfangled technologies springing up, is a website still the way to go?

Here at DotGO we, of course, answer with a resounding “YES!” We wouldn’t build them if we didn’t think they were worthwhile! 

With that said, here’s just a few reasons why websites are so important to businesses today.

1. Information
2. Branding
3. Legitimacy




Gone are the days of businesses exclusively working in the immediate areas in which they live. More and more business is coming from further afield, through the virtual door, from online sources, such as social media, Google and, of course, websites. If people are going to choose your business today, chances are you won’t even have met them before the site visit! You need a way to inspire trust in your potential customers and give them a flavour of who you are before they even consider picking up the phone. The way you do this is with information:

Who are you?

  • How long have you been doing what you do?
  • Why should people trust you when they’ve never met you?
  • Why shouldn’t they go with someone else?

Customers are desperate for answers to these questions. They want to trust you but aren’t sure if they can. Put their fears to rest and ease their suspicions with truthful, confident answers to the questions they have.



So often, people make purchasing decisions based on the feeling or “vibe” of a company, rather than a concrete analysis of the services offered or certification on display. That’s where branding becomes so important.

A good website design can be the foundation of your brand online, defining and confirming the “feel” of your business, as well as inspiring trust in your abilities. How do you want to be perceived? What kind of image do you want to portray?

  • Is your service specialised and clinical? Go clean, with whites and blues.
  • Are you glamorous and chic? Black and gold.
  • A bit more funky and “out there?” Embrace the rainbow!

Thanks to our custom-designed, in-house editing software, we’ll be able to build you a website that matches your branding perfectly, with each website fitting the tone and style of the business it represents to a tee. Take a look at some of our example websites and see how each one is different, defined and distinct: 




You may imagine that you don’t need a website. You might not really want one. Going to the trouble of putting one together might even seem like a lot of effort or a waste of time. If you’re a small business owner getting off the ground, however, one question you will, doubtless, have heard is “do you have a website?” If you plan to grow, prepare to hear it an awful lot more! The bottom line is, people expect any legitimate business worth its salt to have one and it reflects poorly on you if you don’t. Best to get one under your belt and have a friendly “yes!” ready to go next time that question comes your way.

At DotGO, we’re here to help, with our straightforward service that yields fantastic results, every time. When you’re ready to learn more, we’re only a phone call away! Call us now on 01883 776112 and let’s have a chat.


Get Inspired.