What can a website do for a dental practice?

If you want to reassure your patients with a professional looking website, and make it easier for them to book treatment, a DotGO website is the perfect solution.


Cavity-free online marketing

Websites used to be the preserve of large and medium sized enterprises, or specialist entrepreneurs, but the time has long since passed when a business could thrive without an online presence. If you don't have a website it represents a great hole where your business should be.

Even for dentists with a High Street premises, most potential customers will research them online before considering them, looking up reviews, credentials and prices before making a decision.


A website with bite!

DotGO websites have everything a dentist needs to advertise their business successfully.

You can showcase your best ‘before and after' transformations, and list the work that you offer, alongside prices and descriptions.

You can invite customers to register using a secure contact form, and you can even link to a booking page off-site, so your customers can arrange appointments at the click of a button. In this way, your website can make a real difference to the amount of work you get, and improve the efficiency of the whole booking process too!


See our website designs for dentists:






Brace yourself for a great service

Your website will look different to any other website out there too, because each website we build it unique and personal to your business. Every aspect can be taken care of, and with a Complete Website package, we will also take care of the branding and logo, setting up social media pages, and professional blog writing, by our in-house writing team.


Filling in your customers

You can keep your customers up-to-date with any news, information, or changes to practice procedures. Likewise you can add new services you are offering to your services pages for example, and update your prices and contact details as you need. Don't forget to also keep any social media pages up-to-date too, so your followers there know about any changes.


Show off your credentials

A website is also a great place to list your qualifications and credentials, and mention any bodies and groups you may be a member of. Alternatively, you can add positive reviews from previous customers to the website, which do a great job for reassuring new customers about your dental practice.

Most importantly, your website will look and feel professional. This is the advantage DotGO websites have over home-built websites, or potentially, websites built by an inexperienced designer. For a dentist's website in particular, it is vital that your customers gain a good first impression of you online, and with this in mind,


DotGO websites have a superb record of building websites in the health sector, including for dental practices.


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