When looking for their driving instructor, prospective students (and, more importantly, their parents) have to trust you.

They're literally putting their lives in your hands on the road, trusting that you'll keep them safe from harm. Trust used to start with eye contact and a handshake – now, it starts online.


You have to build that trust before you even meet your next student and there's no more effective way to do so than with a smart, professional website. You might be tempted to let it slide or to even build it yourself.


See our website designs for driving instructors:


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Let DotGO Steer You Through the Process

We'll take you by the hand and walk you through “The DotGO Way.” It's a simple process that helps us learn about your business and what you want from your website, so that we can build one that's perfect for your needs and personalised to you. It'll be easily navigable, look great and drive your business forward. Here's what we do:


You'll have several phone calls with your friendly designer, who'll work with you to set up the structure of your website, help you work out what you want to say, pick a colour scheme, fonts and more! You know your business and they know websites. Together, you'll be able to produce something beautiful, professional and, above all, useful!

Once they've discussed your business and your website wishes with you, they'll put it together in a way that encourages your customers to get in touch with you. As they make their way through your site, they'll be convinced that you're the right instructor for them. Then, when they've made that decision, we'll make sure your contact details are right in front of their noses!


Your customers want a website that looks great and in which they can quickly find out what you do, before making the decision regarding whether or not you're right for them. That process takes literal seconds for a potential customer but, when it comes to Google, it likes to take its time. Google will read your website from top to bottom, making sure all your content is original, clear and useful, before deciding if it's worth showing to anyone.

That's where your content writer comes in. They'll give you a call to discuss your business and go over what you've agreed with your designer. Then, they'll go away and write your website for you, with full SEO optimisation, giving you the best chance of being found on Google!


Managing Your Own Driving Instructor Website

Looking after your website, once it's been built by your designer, is super simple. One thing common in every business in every country in the world is that it will necessarily change over time. The world seems more uncertain than ever these days, so you'll have the ability to adjust your website, as and when you need to. Don't worry too much about things being “set in stone.” You can always change them, down the road.


Should I Build My Own Website for My Driving Instruction Service?

It'll always be tempting, when looking at how to build your business' website, to just go with a templated self-build. They're much easier to produce and much faster to get set up, right?

If you choose to build a template website, you lose out on all the experience and all the knowledge that a professional website company brings to the table. Sure, you can choose a template, write a few lines, pick a few images and have it done in an afternoon, but it's rarely that simple.

So often, template websites are started and never finished. You may even have stumbled upon one or two yourself, while looking for services. We're sure you'll agree – it's not a good look.

It's unlikely, however, that you'll have come across one by accident, as template websites do NOT perform well on Google. They lack personality, most of them look the same, they don't convert visitors into customers and they usually don't have enough informative content for Google to consider the site useful.


DotGO Can Help You Out

We build websites that work. They're fast, easy to use and put your potential customers' doubts to rest. We'll help you get found and build trust with the community. We've been doing this for a while! 

Take a look at our Driving Instructor Websites.

DotGO build smart, professional websites that inspire trust and work hard for their owners. We can do the same for you!


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