Why does a printing business need to be online?

When businesses look to produce brochures, labels, flyers, and promotional material, most are well aware of the competitive marketplace in the printing industry. While some will return to the same printers year on year, most will shop around, and be constantly on the lookout for printers who can do the work more quickly, more efficiently, or for a lower price.

If your printing business is not visible in this marketplace, gradually your client base will diminish. Very few printers can rely on word-of-mouth recommendations alone in the 21st century.


Creating a great first impression for your customers

DotGO have produced a number of websites for printers and our designers pay as much attention to detail in the finished product as you do, making sure the colour palette is appropriate to your branding, and that every image is aligned perfectly. We want your potential clients to gain a great first impression of your business, and having a professional and modern online presence is the best place to begin to make this happen.


Helping you to be found online

Our content writers will diligently research the best keywords to use for your business and sector, depending on the area you serve and the industry you are targeting, helping your new website to be found by the clients you want. In this way, your company will have a visible online presence to the people that matter, and be visited by people seriously considering ordering print services. Having researched your marketplace, they will also research your business sector, and write informed, accurate content about your work so that your customers have all the information they need to make a decision.


Showing clients what you can do

Having an eye-catching home page and headline is great, but most potential clients will search a little deeper. With a DotGO website for printers, you have the scope to go into detail about your pricing structures, your printing machinery, and business practices, so prospective clients can reassure themselves that you can do the job for the right price, and that you fit their business model. You can even showcase your best work or add photographs of your print machinery, to demonstrate your capabilities to your clients before they make contact, giving you an advantage over any competitor who does not have a professional, bespoke website.

Have a look through some of the thousands of websites we have produced here at DotGO, and judge for yourself.


Ongoing support

As with many industries, prices, business practices, and services can change rapidly. With DotGO websites, you have the ability to make changes yourself to the content or imagery at the click of a button. Furthermore, our support team will always be there to help, if you ever need to make an alteration.


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