We design websites for mechanics and garages. From mobile mechanics, Engine Tuning & Management Specialists and MOT garages - we've built websites for them all.

At your garage, you need precision in your work. You need to know your way around the vehicle you're working on and, if you use the wrong tools or set things up the wrong way, the whole auto can quickly go to pieces and end up useless.

Setting up a website works in much the same way, with all the right pieces coming together to render something useful and professional. With so much to consider in the day-to-day of running your garage, building a website might be fairly far down on your list of priorities. Let DotGO step in and do the legwork for you…


Web designers with all the right tools

We'll lead you through our simple process (known as The DotGO Way), which will show your potential customers exactly what you can do for them, get you found on Google and help drive your business forward. We'll make sure it's fast, easy to navigate and contains all the useful info you want to include. Here's what you get:


Website Design

Once you join the DotGO family, you'll meet your personal website designer. They'll be your go-to for almost anything you need as we go about building your site. They're friendly, understanding and accommodating so, whatever you want to include or if you have any questions, just ask them and they'll help you out. They'll discuss your services, colour schemes, design elements and booking systems. You know your business and they know web design, so you two should get on swimmingly!

Through your collaboration, you'll have your very own professional website, styled in keeping with your branding and laid out in a way that gets your customers involved! Speaking of customers, you might be wondering how they'll find your website? Enter:


Content Writing

At DotGO, we include SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as part of our service. Now, this includes the way we build your site, internal linking, tags, meta and a whole lot more technical stuff that you don't need to worry about. The most important part of SEO, however, is your "key phrases;" phrases that your customers use when looking for your kind of service. Your content writer will help you pick the right ones to focus on, before eloquently writing up your content in the style that you want. They're your mouthpiece on the page, so they'll have a good chat with you about who you are, what you do and how you want to come across before they get to work.


Managing your mechanic website

Just like how the electric car is changing the industry, your business will inevitably change too, over time. Luckily, DotGO's system is easy to use and changes are easy to make, whenever you need to. That's right! Once the website is complete, you'll be able to manage and update it yourself, with ease. If that sounds a bit daunting, don't fret! Your designer will take you through a training course once they've completed your site, wherein they'll show you exactly how to make the changes you need, at any time. After that, you're not on your own! We have a huge library of support videos that can walk you through exactly how to make any change and, if you're still struggling, our support team are only a phone call or an email away.


Should I build my own website for my garage?

If you're looking to build your own website, it's true that you've got options. There are countless build-your-own website companies out there that appear simple to use and quick to set up. Pick your template, add text, choose a few pictures and you're set, yes? That sounds a little too good to be true… If we've learnt anything on the internet, it's that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The fact is that, while easier to set up, template websites come with a list of downsides as long as your arm. The first is in the name – template – they all look the same! The whole point of a website is to legitimise and express yourself on the web. How can you do that with a website that looks and feels just like everybody else's?

Another thing to consider is time. Do you really have the time to build an entire website yourself? So many template websites are started because of how easy they look to establish and, in many cases, years later, they're left unfinished, barren and empty.


So, why should DotGO build my garage's website?

At DotGO, we do the legwork for you, ensuring that we get the info we need in just a couple of phone calls, before rendering amazing results that truly work. We'll kill two birds with one stone!

We've worked with quite a few garages in our time, not to mention literal thousands of other businesses too! Take a look at some of our existing sites for a flavour of the variety we can bring. 

See our examples


DotGO build fast, professional website designs that work hard for your business and legitimise you online. Get in touch and let's get started!


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