The taxi business is one of the most competitive industries imaginable.

Even in a small town, an independent taxi company will have a dozen or more other businesses, all vying for the same trade you are. In recent times, competition from Uber and other online agents has made life even more difficult for taxi drivers. How then to stand out and compete in such a landscape? A website is a great option.

Showing customers you are professional and legitimate

Establishing trust is a vital component of being a successful taxi business. With a professional and well written website, with your credentials and licences displayed, you have a head-start in building confidence with your customers. You can show your well-maintained vehicles on your pages, and include reviews from other satisfied clients on your page, so anyone reading the website can see for themselves that your business is well operated and compliant with health and safety regulations.

Showing rates and fares

With a website, your taxi company can show a range of different rates and fares in and around your primary operating area. This allows your potential customers to compare rates, and estimate the fare they might pay for their journey with you. By showing common routes and journeys, you give yourself a better chance of being found by people searching for those online, and a professionally-designed, well-written website complements that superbly.

Getting you found

Being an independent taxi company gives you a challenge for being found in your local area, ahead of more well-established competition. However, with the right SEO, and the right online marketing, your business has a great chance. Our content writers will research the best keywords to use for your company, and weave those terms into your content, so the search engines will know what you do and where you are based.


Helping you to stand out

At DotGO, we've been building websites for taxi companies for years, and our professional design team will use quality stock images in conjunction with your own images and branding to create an online presence you can be proud of. You will get to consult with your designer and decide every part of your website, from the colour scheme to the images used, to help build a website you (and your customers) will love.


Show customers where you operate

With a well-written website, you can demonstrate reliability, competitive fares, and show customers where you serve. You also give them the option of ordering a taxi online, through a contact form or a live chat system, rather than simply by calling. For customers who are hesitant to make a phone call, this can be a clinching point for your business compared to another.

Read more about using Live Chat and Lead Grabbers here, or speak with our designers directly to have a chat about how to turn online browsers into paying customers.

Contact our helpful team to make a start on creating your new website, and establishing an online presence.


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