Boost Productivity

Any business, whether they are online or not, cares deeply about productivity, and will make considerable efforts to enhance productivity wherever they can. By bringing your business into the online sphere, many of the manual, repetitive, time-consuming tasks required of a physical shop are no longer required due to automation. The capacity for human error becomes significantly reduced, giving your business a more professional look and allowing you, as a business owner, to focus on more important aspects of running a business.

For some time now, automation has been touted as key for enhancing productivity, and this is especially the case when it comes to ecommerce website design. Managing multiple stores, offering a unique shopping experience and simplifying cross-border commerce are just some of the ways in which automation has boosted efficiency for shops across the UK.

As an online shop owner, you can stay ahead of your competition by constantly thinking about how to use your ecommerce website design system for your benefit. Perhaps you want to preload storefront changes ahead of major events, or perhaps automate your next flash sale or exclusive offer. DotGO’s ecommerce website design system, for example, allows you to rapidly upload multiple products and corresponding images by using the bulk upload and bulk image manager feature, which enables you to seamlessly manage your products and list new items on multiple channels in your online shop.

Improved Access

As the owner of any business, you must ask yourself: what do my customers really want? In the case of an online shop, the arguably most important thing for customers is easy, comprehensive access to the items or services that they want. You want to minimise the roadblocks standing in between customers and your brilliant products. Bringing your business online dramatically improves the degree and type of access that customers can enjoy.

For instance, compared to a physical shop, your ecommerce website design can incorporate a far greater number of items. A wider selection keeps customers interested for a longer period of time. The online sphere, after all, provides greater scope for choice and variety than a finite physical space. Moreover, while physical shops have fixed operating hours, online shops are open on a 24/7 basis. If, say, an art student is working on a project through the night and discovers that they need a specific part, they can order exactly what they need right away and have it with them on the very next day. That level of access is priceless.

Ecommerce also eliminates the problem of geography. It no longer matters that your customer is on the other side of the country. People can access your amazing products from all over the world. Moreover, having an online shop allows for a more specialised, personal level of access. Finding the exact product that you need is so much easier, while the use of user data enables your shop to present a particular customer with more of the stuff that they do want, and less of the stuff that doesn’t interest them.

By making the most of this incredibly enhanced level of access, your online shop is destined to reach new heights.

Cut Out the Middleman

By bringing your business online, and specifically into an ecommerce website design system, you have total control of your shop from your fingertips. This means that you own the customer relationship. Having to rely on retail partners to promote your brand is a pain, and means that you have less overall control of how your brand is presented. Along with access and productivity, ecommerce also gives business owners greater control – and that is a priceless thing.

You make and own the product. Nobody knows more about the unique features of your shop than you, the shop owner. So why would you call on anyone else to write product descriptions? By combining your knowledge and passion with our sophisticated ecommerce website design tools, your online shop can contain more specialised information about your products than what any senior salesperson could accrue and communicate in their whole career.

Too many cooks spoil the pot, as they say, and this notion applies to running a successful shop. If, as an online shop owner, you have full control over the management and presentation of your products, the world is your oyster. You can easily communicate your brand’s tone along with being able to update and change information regarding products – from price to stock count to discount codes – in a way that suits you. Ecommerce allows you to truly take control of your online shop. What’s not to love about that?


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