The world is becoming more and more interconnected, both online and physically. Anyone can go pretty much anywhere in the world and, wherever you go, there's always a plethora of hotels waiting to welcome them with open arms. Make sure your holiday letting stands out with a smart, beautiful website that tells potential visitors all they need to know. We care about your business the same way you care about your visitors, so you can trust that, when we work together, you'll be well looked-after!


Feel right at home online, with DotGO Website Design

We'll work with you to create a fantastic, useful website that inspires your customers and gets them dreaming about coming for a getaway at your property. It'll be easy to navigate and packed full of useful information that you might not have considered – but that your customers will!

Here's how we do it…


Hotel website design

You'll have your very own website designer, who you'll get to know well as they walk you through our simple, easy-to-follow process that produces great results. We call it “The DotGO Way” – in just 5 easy steps, you'll have a stunning new website that you'll be proud to share around!

Your designer will discuss your rooms and facilities, nearby attractions, pricing and all the details your customers will be looking for. They'll help you choose a colour palette and design your website in keeping with the style and feel of your property. Most importantly, they'll make sure your contact details are close at hand, so potential customers have no excuse for not getting in touch! If you're looking to take bookings through the site, that can be done too – your designer can help you select the right booking system and implant it for you, right there on your website.


Content writing for your hotel

When it comes to creating a useful website that informs your potential visitors and entices them to book with you, your content writer has a role to play, too. They'll have a chat with you about your property, which facilities you'd like to highlight and just why a holiday spent under your roof is so worth it. They'll ask a series of questions to help cover what your customers will be asking, before writing up your content and sending it over to you for approval. You'll have the chance to make changes together, too, making sure the wording and the details are absolutely perfect before the designer starts building.


Managing your hotel's website

Seasons change, property features change and things to do in the local area change too. Naturally, as time goes by, your website has to change as well! We make website updates simple, here at DotGO – you can do them yourself!

Once your website has been built and handed over to you, your designer will take you through a training session, where she'll show you how to make text changes, add pages, change colours and alter the design whenever you need to! You can add more information about your property, let your customers know about that amazing new pizza place that's just opened up, or tell them about a tranquil hidden beach you've found tucked away.

If you have any trouble, we've got a massive library of support videos to help you out and, if you still need assistance, our helpful support team are just an email or a call away – you're never on your own!

Shouldn't I just build my own website for my hotel?

It might sound simpler and quicker to get a quick “build-your-own” template website up and running but don't be fooled!

It's far easier said than done…

Template web-builders won't tell you this, but there are so many template websites sitting there, unfinished. They're always started with the utmost enthusiasm but, the truth is, you receive very little guidance on how to go about actually setting one up. Even “completed” template websites are almost always light on content, lacking in information, poorly laid out and difficult to navigate.

What's more, they also tend to do poorly on Google, never being found by anyone, sitting there – empty, unused and useless. You can definitely do better.

So can we!


So, why should DotGO build my hotel's website?

Running your hotel or B&B is your speciality but web design is ours. Trust DotGO to build you a fantastic new website that shows off your property and captures your visitors' imaginations. We've built a few sites for different holiday spots already – take a look!




Impressed? Get in touch today to get started and we'll soon have you on your way to a website you can proud of.


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