Yesterday we covered some of the industries that are facing real difficulties. However the pandemic hasn’t affected industries in the same way with some companies seeing opportunities in this new economic landscape. Here’s an overview of the industry sectors which are currently seeing increases in demand.

Warehouse and delivery

Since lockdown started everyone has been spending a lot more time shopping online. This surge in demand has led to more people being hired in the sector. Online behemoth Amazon has created 15,000 new jobs in warehousing and delivery, substantially increasing its logistics network.

You only have to look at Amazon’s skyrocketing share price to see how much of an opportunity this is for online brands. The delivery company Hermes also announced that they are creating over 10,000 jobs to increase the size of its delivery network.

Supermarkets and food retail

Demand for new shoes and clothes fluctuates with the times. Our appetite for food remains constant and the fact that pubs and restaurants have had to close means that supermarkets, grocers and takeaways have seen business rocket.

Supermarkets alone have added nearly 50,000 more workers to their books. These haven’t just been in temporary roles but also full time. Huge new warehouses have sprung up to cope with the massive demand for online orders.


When lockdown first started, cleaning companies were unable to visit clients’ homes and this hurt business. Hygiene is now an extremely important issue and with restrictions now easing this had led to a surge in demand for cleaning services.

This increase in demand is in all sectors of the economy, but most particularly in healthcare, hospitality and retail where customers want to see visible signs of cleaning.  As more and more restrictions are lifted the demand for cleaning will continue to rise.


Whether you are offering fitness classes or children’s maths classes, you’ll have probably seen a massive rise in demand during coronavirus. Many people will be desperate to get back into the gym and classroom, and demand will drop as restrictions ease.

However many of those who appreciate the privacy and flexibility will stick with the online platforms as well as those who have safety concerns.

Digital and e-commerce

In July the demand for IT professionals, web designers and developers jumped by 15.5% when compared with June. Recent events have forced businesses to explore e-commerce and online marketing and many now realise how important the digital aspect is to their business.

Things do not look like returning back to normal quite just yet and businesses looking to survive will be looking at new ways to operate. Industry figures have remarked that digital transformations that would normally take two years are happening in two weeks.

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