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We design your website to be both beautiful and hard working. 

Before starting work, we talk with you at length about the phrases you want to get found for on Google.

Getting you ranked well is a two step process
Step 1: getting you indexed correctly and
Step 2: beating your competition to the top spots on the results page.


Once we have agreed the key phrases, doing well on Google relies on three factors

  • How well your website is optimised (Building keywords into titles, tags and slugs, writing great text, sculpting the internal linking) we do this to every website
  • Getting inbound links from other websites in your industry.  From suppliers, clients and maybe your industry bodies or local business organisations like Chamber of Commerce
  • Your competition.  If there are 50 other well-optimised websites that are competing fiercely for that 1st page slot, it is going to be difficult, as the new kid o nthe block to get found for that key phrase

Choosing a key phrase is a balance between size of the market and size of your competition. So we advise and help you to  find a key phrase that maximises your market size, while minimising your competition.