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Every website we design has content written by a dedicated professional website copy writer.

Sometimes, being so close to your own business can make it even harder to get the most important messages across.

Even if you are a great writer, it takes practice to succinctly describe the key themes of your business in a punchy way that satisfies an impatient website browser

Visitors take many different routes as they move around your website.  It is important to write content in a way that delivers the important selling features (sometimes repetitively) so you don’t miss an opportunity to capture leads or deliver timely messages.

Content is important for Google too.  It may be obvious to a human, looking at beautiful stock pictures, what your website is about.  But search engines cannot see images, they can only read words.  Important key-words and phrases have to be woven throughout the copy and in the right density to make sure that your website is indexed correctly.