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£Billions spent Online -Are you gettingyour share?

One of the biggest success stories of the Millennium is Online Shopping. It’s a market, which is now open to every single business and its only fair that you should take your share of the £billions being spent each year online. A report published by PayPal with the help of credit experts - Experian, forecasts that by the end of 2011, UK online sales could increase by almost 140% !! This level of growth would mean that annual online retail sales could jump from under £9 billion to an astonishing £21 billion!! So if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?…..


Sell, Sell, Sell

As highlighted in our last , Internet Sales Figures are not only exceeding all expectations but are still flourishing. Bargains, deals and money saving promotions are just some of the factors that will drive online sales even further so make sure the Online Shop on your has plenty of options, teasers and deals to encourage maximum sales.


Setting up your Shopping Cart

Making your simple to use and easy to manage has always been a top priority for Reason8 and the Shopping Basket facility is one area, which needs to be as flexible and easy to use as possible. Lets face it, not many people have the time to learn how to use complicated software or learn the language of HTML. Even huge companies with all singing, all dancing e-commerce packages have had problems with adding and changing items or switching items off or hiding them as stock levels fluctuated.


Stock Control

Organising your products and creating the best possible display on your website, will encourage visitors to have a good look around and helps to turn browsing into buying. If you  with a wide range of different products for sale, putting them all on one page and expecting visitors to scroll through them all to see if you have what they’re looking for is a big turnoff and will most likely send them away to a competitors website where they can find what they need far more easily.


Index your Website with Images!

Index pages or Visual Menu Pages are a great way for to display a breakdown of the products or services they have available. Ideal for websites with or without a shopping basket, it can help visitors to find what they're looking for quickly and easily by clearly showing the various categories and groups of products you specialise in. 


Selling Digital Goods Part 1

A successful business website needs to grow and develop along with the business. Certainly in today’s market, diversity is essential for a business to stay ahead of the game. This requires a steady flow of new products, services, functions and facilities to keep customers interested, happy and of course buying! When you , it’s so important to be able to continually develop the site and its content easily and quickly. This is where Reason8 websites come into their own. The system has been designed with several facilities, which provide you with an incredibly flexible control panel. These facilities work hard to make development, amendment and updating as simple as possible for you.


Selling Digital Goods Part 2

When you , (Gold or Platinum), you can store and sell Electronic / Digital Goods to be downloaded by customers after you have received payment. Such products might include: E-books, Guides and Manuals, which you might offer in: Text, Word or PDF formats. MPg music tracks, albums, soundbites and podcasts. Digital artwork, icons, fonts and graphics, which you might offer in Jpeg, Gif, and / or Png formats. Thanks very much for joining us again for Part 2, which is looking at Electronic / Digital Goods for Sale. I hope you completed the Steps in  without any trouble and have successfully added your digital item to your shopping basket and uploaded the actual file to your website database. 


ShoppingBasket Postage Costs

If you’ve built an E-Commerce Website with Reason8, it’s more than likely that you’ll be selling products, which you may then have to post to your customers. Making sure that you cover the cost of postage correctly can be very confusing. Do you charge by weight, by item or are you keeping it simple and just charging one straight shipping fee? Thankfully, Royal Mail have now made things much easier for when it comes to dealing with postage.


Is yourDomain working hard enough?

When you first start thinking about a business website, one of the first things many people consider is the Website Address or Domain. A surprising number of business owners take the first step in buying their domain but then don’t get round to sorting out a website to point it to! That domain is then sitting there doing nothing, wasting money, when it could be working hard at marketing and promoting your business. You can with Reason8 whether you have a domain or not. You can transfer an existing domain or you can search for a new domain – either way you can rest assured that on our system, its going to be working very hard indeed.


Special Offers and Events

Following on from yesterdays , where we looked at using the speed and flexibility of your website editor to make the most of any special offers, seasonal products, short term discounts, events, open days, new products, special services etc., etc. If you've taken the time to , why not make sure it can help you to take advantage of every possible marketing opportunity. Apart from capitalizing on the extra income these offers and events can generate, it can also help your position on the search engines. Search Engines love to see new information and regular changes to the content on your web pages so by including this ever changing information on your website, it’ll keep the search engines interested as well as your customers.


Everyone loves a bargain!

The Internet has been marked as the fastest growing retail zone ever, so its vital that you offer the deals and incentives, which will ensure your best share of the increased online spend. Retailers who put the effort into expanding and improving their presence online will most certainly reap the benefits during the festive trading season.  and include features which will encourage maximum response especially during the big shopping seasons.


Last Chance for Christmas

Millions of shoppers are panic buying online as we speak so now is the time for that last push to secure your fair share of the shopping frenzy. As a , you should already have all your top products in your shopping basket but how can you emphasize any last minute special offers or ideas for great last minute Christmas Presents. You can create a temporary Christmas Gift Group within your shopping basket and give your viewers and customers a whole choice of ideas.


Reason8 s

I hope you’ve all enjoyed and been helped by these Tutorial Blogs. The Blogs offer constant access to step-by-step guides on how to make the very most of your Reason8 Website. If you get stuck when you build a website with Reason8 you can look for tutorials covering the following subjects:


Shopping Basket Options

Your Shopping Basket is the final step in generating sales for your online business. Your website works just like a Relay Team. Your primary intro pages work to catch your visitors attention, the baton is then smoothly passed to the information pages with the click of a mouse, whose job it is to generate interest and desire from your visitors and potential customers. Then come the product pages and finally the last runner, who needs to run fast and smooth is the Shopping Basket. When you , your Shopping Basket needs to provide your customers with as much information and as many options as possible. Fortunately your Reason8 Shopping Basket Wizard offers a host of options and functions to help you create a simple and enjoyable shopping experience for all your customers.  


SalesIncentives using Gift and Discount Vouchers

It’s a well known fact that Online Shoppers love a good deal, a great saving or a real bargain!! Gift certificates and discount vouchers are a great way to improve customer loyalty. Rewarding loyal customers and encouraging repeat business by issuing discount vouchers has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to increase sales. As a you can give your website the edge by offering sales incentives like these to both new and existing customers and website visitors. It can sometimes even make the difference between a shopper buying from your website or surfing onto the next to look for better offers elsewhere.


Increase Online Sales using Discount Vouchers

In our last we looked at the marketing benefits of offering Gift Vouchers. In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to issue money off vouchers and savings. Everyone loves a saving or a bargain and these days, have even come to expect it when shopping online. Gift certificates and discount vouchers are a great way to improve and encourage customer loyalty and in turn this can increase repeat and ongoing business and sales. As a you can up your game when it comes to your competitors by offering sales and money off vouchers to both new and existing customers.


How easy is it to set up an Online Shop?

The Website Builder from Reason8 provides you with all the tools you need to sell online. The process of setting up your shop and listing your items is easy. However there are many aspects to setting up an . One of the most important is the experience you create for your users.  Make your site look appealing, easy to navigate and informative and you can create an atmosphere that will entice them to stay. Before you start listing your items it’s worth doing some time planning. Consider, how you want to display your items? What will the user journey be?  Investing a little time in planning before you start and you’ll reap the rewards later on.


Flexible Shopping

E-commerce is a continually growing shopping medium, which continues to out-perform high street shopping as shoppers look for both bargains and convenience. As a , your E-commerce website needs to offer as much choice as possible to compete with the visible options and choice offered when customers actually go into a shop to browse. Your Reason8 Wizard makes it very simple to offer such choices and options.


Shopping Basket Quiz

Your Reason8 Tutorial Blog contains over 100 guides on how to get the best from your website. If you get stuck with anything while developing your website, there’s a very good chance you’ll find the help you need. If you don’t then leave a comment at the bottom and tell us what you need help with.   All the answers can be found within the existing tutorials about your  just in case you need a little clue. Right then R8 … Let’s see how many of you have been doing your homework. Once you’ve answered the following questions, the first person to send in all the correct answers wins a fantastic FREE upgrade of 5 more web pages for your website!!


A Helpful Shopping Experience.

Your Reason8 website works in tandem with the award winning Mals Ecommerce Shopping Cart System. With all E-commerce websites from Reason 8, you are given access to your own shopping cart control, which works alongside your . Built with beginner website designers and online merchants in mind, your Mals system makes it really simple to add a shopping cart to your website. In this tutorial, we'll look at the options you can add to create a really helpful shopping experience for your customers....


Get More Sales by GivingMore Choice!

Providing your customers with a simple, safe and helpful online shopping experience will  not only encourage more sales but if they find your shopping cart easy and pleasurable to use, they’re more likely to come back to shop with you again and again. As a , you should be aiming to give your customers all the choices and options they need so that they can buy what they want in as few clicks as possible. Fortunately your Reason8 Shopping Basket Wizard offers a host of options and functions to help you create a simple and enjoyable shopping experience for all your customers.


Mobile Internet Access – Rapid Growth

Last year, it was quoted that the number of mobile phone users had reached half the planet! That means that there are now around 4 billion activated mobile phones in use and around 35% of these mobile users are accessing the internet on their phones. Combine this with the fact that shopping carts are supported by quick and easy to use payment systems such as Paypal, means that it’s now even easier and far more accessible to shop online. As a , it’s certainly a great time to have your business online as potential audiences grow and technology is bringing more and more convenience to shoppers!


Christmas Shopping Online

Look at the current online market, it’s all very positive for with online shops. We’ve also been warned that it’s set to be a long hard winter and so many more people will be doing their last minute Christmas Shopping online this year rather than braving the snow and ice covered high streets. So now is the time to give your shopping basket a good check over to make sure it’s all working smoothly. Your Shopping Basket needs to run smoothly and provide your customers with lots of enticing information and all the options available to encourage them to click “Add to Basket”!


Online Shopping

If you with Reason8 for your online ecommerce business then exciting times are afoot. With Reason8’s addictive penchant for development, it’s no surprise that the shopping basket wizard was next in line for a facelift. As these exciting developments get under way, we would very much appreciate some suggestions and feedback from you. Tell us what features and improvements you would like to see. Click our comments link below to send your suggestions.


Shopping Cart Management

Managing the stock in your online shop is an ongoing task and having a flexible system is vital to make your life easier. Once you have and added all your shopping basket items, you have constant, easy access to manage the live stock via your flexible Reason8 Shopping Basket Wizard. Your wizards includes options to move, edit or even temporarily hide items as and when required. All these changes can be made in seconds too so your customers won't be kept waiting to see your new and exciting stock!


Why do I need a website?

In today’s technological climate where the internet is by far the most dominant market medium, it is surprising that many businesses do not yet have an online presence. Many of these businesses have considered getting a website but have hesitated for a number of reasons including; assumptions of high cost, insufficient technical ability, assumptions that building a website is a huge, complicated task??? Reason8 of course know otherwise and have produced stunning websites with impressive functionality with ease. For those who have yet to discover this quick and easy website building experience, let’s look at some of the reasons  - “Why businesses should have a website?”


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