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WYSIWYG – What You See is What You Get

We've already mentioned that Search Engines love to see new information and regular changes to the content on your web pages. Many business owners have websites, where, to have even the smallest amendment made, they need to contact their Website Design Company, explain what changes they need and then wait until their request can be fit into the busy schedules of the company’s web designers. Quite often by the time the change has been made, its too late. If however, you with Reason8, you’ll have no such problem! Simply log in, make your changes and Click Save. WYSIWYG!


Special Offers and Events

Following on from yesterdays , where we looked at using the speed and flexibility of your website editor to make the most of any special offers, seasonal products, short term discounts, events, open days, new products, special services etc., etc. If you've taken the time to , why not make sure it can help you to take advantage of every possible marketing opportunity. Apart from capitalizing on the extra income these offers and events can generate, it can also help your position on the search engines. Search Engines love to see new information and regular changes to the content on your web pages so by including this ever changing information on your website, it’ll keep the search engines interested as well as your customers.


Adding Flash Animation to your Website.

Grabbing the attention of visitors and passers by is one of the main aims for all . One proven way to stop people in their tracks and catch their eye is with movement. An animated Logo or slogan, a selection of descriptive images morphing into one another, a full movie with sound…. They all work to encourage visitors to spend extra time on your site, giving you more time to get your message across to them. This movement or animation is provided by an application called Flash.


Bullet Points, Lists and Numbers

Prioritising the importance of the information on your web pages can be a tricky one. As a , all your page content is important in its own way so how do you make certain that the various pieces of information on each page are highlighted enough to avoid them being missed. We’ve looked at the various text formats, colours fonts and heading tags but for lists of information, your best option is Bullet Points.


Links and Anchors

When your website needs to provide pages with lots and lots of text information on a number of different subjects it’s important to avoid creating excessively long text heavy pages. Viewers faced with lengthy pages of text will frequently click away as they rarely have the time to trawl through all the information to find what they are looking for. There is a way in which you can avoid long scrolling pages when you and its done using links and anchors.


Keep your Pages Fresh and New.

When you , its vitally important to keep your web pages fresh and new. Search Engines are programmed to notice new information and changes to web pages, so it doesn’t only work to keep your customers interested, it keeps the search engines on their toes too!! Of course as a Reason8 Website Builder, you have the simplest of tools to be able to do this. Your page editor makes it extremely easy to add new images and text as and when you launch new products or introduce new services for your customers.


Jargon Buster – Widgets

Widgets???..... Aren’t they those plastic thingemygigs you get in the bottom of a can of bitter to make it froth up when you pour it into a glass so you can pretend you’re in a pub and drinking real draught bitter?? Similar name – but no… when you are referring to a widget within the world of , it’s a completely different thingemygig altogether. Get yourself a nice pint of frothy beer and I’ll explain it for you!


Reason8 s

I hope you’ve all enjoyed and been helped by these Tutorial Blogs. The Blogs offer constant access to step-by-step guides on how to make the very most of your Reason8 Website. If you get stuck when you build a website with Reason8 you can look for tutorials covering the following subjects:


Get your pages Moving......

As a website builder, you will want to grab your visitor’s attention and stop surfers from clicking on to the next site as quickly as possible. If within the first few seconds of visitors looking at your website, you can catch and hold their attention, you will have far more success in encouraging them further into your website pages. There are a few ways to do this but one proven way is by adding movement to your primary pages with Flash.


In a Word……

The information you include on your web pages can make the difference between a customer getting in touch and/or going elsewhere.  Your text content should be informative, clear, non-fussy, descriptive, easy to read and most importantly… interesting! When you , you have a whole bar of options to make sure that your text is laid out to the best advantage. It’s vital to make sure that your pages are clutter free and easy to read.


First Steps to Search Engine Optimisation.

What was it that first motivated you to ? Have you just started a new business? Does your existing business need a boost? Do you want more people to come to your shop? Would you like new customers to call you to get a quote or enquire about your services or products? Do you want to reduce your workload? Provide more efficient and consistent information to your customers? Do you want to establish a professional brand, launch a new product, get some feedback on a new idea?


Effective Marketing of Your Website.

Once you know your customers, you can target them more effectively as you’ll be able to guess what keywords they’re most likely to type into a search bar when looking for products and services like yours. Create a list of these keywords and make sure you include them in the content on your pages. Your optimisation system can then pick out the best keywords and optimise your pages with them. Your target audience will then be able to find you as and when they need you. “The aim of marketing is to know and understand your customers so well that your products and / or services fit them perfectly and sell themselves.”


Website Style

As you build and develop your website, it’s important to maintain any existing corporate or company image or brand awareness. If you already have existing literature, logo’s, brand logo’s, corporate colour schemes and / or font styles, then include them within your website . As you use your to create your website keep in mind that clients who have already seen your company image or those who will see it in the future can recognise you easily when they find you online.


Keep your Text in Line

“Remember that writing for the screen is not the same as writing for paper. need to keep their content punchy, simple and to the point.” Grabbing and holding the attention of visitors and browsers flying through the net can be achieved in many ways, but one of the main ones is with your text content. Filling your pages with endless scrolls of text will lose their interest in seconds, they probably won’t get past the second line before giving up and moving to a website with more images and less text. People read for pleasure but not when they’re looking for something. Sourcing specific information needs to be a simple and speedy task.


Response from your Customers

As a , one of your main achievements will be successfully generating response from your customers and visitors both new and existing. The easiest way to ensure maximum response from customers is to make it very, very simple for them to get in touch. There are several ways you can provide simple ways for your customers to get in touch and they are all easy to add to your website, using your Content Editor.


/agreat pagesusingTables.

When you build a website for your business, you’ll no doubt have a huge amount of information to include within your website pages. Your Reason8 offers a host of tools and functions to help you design your pages so that visitors and viewers can easily take in your information. Encouraging visitors to your website to stay long enough to take in sufficient information to encourage them to respond to you is the key. One proven way to achieve this is to create website pages, which are easy on the eye and allow visitors to take in all your information in the simplest and most pleasant way possible. Adding structure to your pages to organise your content is a great way to do this and one of the most effective ways to add structure is to use tables.


Help, My computer's crashed!

Any PC repair shop can recount tales of grown men crying, women on the edge and businesses in ruin. Why? The cause is often simple, a crashed hard drive or rogue software update. It’s the resulting loss of data that can be devastating.  When you build a website the implications of data loss. To prevent disaster, not only your own computer files must be but also those of your website. At Reason8 we take the backup of data very seriously. Our systems and all the websites built on it are backed up every day, 7 days a week, 365 day of the year. We also have a second set of servers situated at a separate location. They are there for the purpose of extreme emergencies, and receives an entire backup of our system every night. So if disaster should strike we can be backup and running in no time.


Its Quiz Time!!!

The Reason8 Tutorial Blog contains almost 100 guides on how to get the best from your website. If you get stuck with anything while developing your website, there’s a fair chance you’ll find the help you need here. If you don’t then leave a comment at the bottom and tell us what you need help with. Right then … I think it’s time to see how many of you have been paying attention?! Have a go at answering the following questions and the first person to send in all the correct answers wins the fantastic FREE upgrade of 5 more web pages for your website!!  WIN Free Extra Pages for your website!


Don't let yourVisitors get lost!

When browsers surf the internet looking for information, they want to find it quickly and easily. The first few seconds after clicking onto a site should at least give them an idea of what the site offers and whether they are likely to find what they are looking for. They’re hoping to find the best product or service that they need at that time and of course the best price. As the for your business, if your site shows no real indication of what’s on offer and / or gives visitors no idea of where to go next or how to get to the primary information pages, then the chances are they’ll click away to the next site pretty much immediately. If this is the case then YOU need to make some changes immediately.


Image Issues Quiz

The Tutorial Blog contains around 100 guides on how to get the best from your website. If you get stuck with anything while you develop your website using your , there’s a fair chance you’ll find the help you need. If you don’t then leave a comment at the bottom and tell us what you need help with. WIN Free Extra Pages for your website!!! 


Adding Colour to your Website!

When you have such an immense spectrum of colours to choose from, how on earth do you go about choosing the right colours for your website? Your Reason8 makes it so simple for you to choose and set your colours within your pages, on your text and even built into your header and background design. The first thing you need to do though is decide on a colour scheme, which you should stick to throughout your site.  


Adding Video to your website

Since You Tube was launched in 2005, videos have become commonplace on websites big and small. Used properly they can add real value. Videos bring a dimension to a site that’s difficult to achieve with words and pictures alone. If you build a site using a website builder it’s just as easy to . It can also be free too!


Adding a Drop Shadow to images.

We get asked all the time by if its possible to add a drop shadow to images. And of course the answer is Yes it is possible and it does add a touch of depth and life to your pages too. You can use a selection of image editing programmes including Paint Shop, Adobe, etc., etc. If you haven’t already got an image editing programme, we recommend a programme called


Website Text Quiz

Your Reason8 Tutorial Blog contains over 100 guides on how to get the best from your website. If you get stuck with anything while you or your develops your website, there’s a very good chance you’ll find the help you need. If you don’t then leave a comment at the bottom and tell us what you need help with. All the answers can be found within the existing tutorials about Website Text. , just in case you need a little clue but try to avoid unabashed cheating!!  If you want to have some fun and learn something too then open a notepad document next to your browser window and enter all the answers onto there, then simply paste them into a comment at the bottom when you’ve finished.



We’ve received lots of emails from customers asking how to add You Tube Videos to their websites. YouTube was founded in 2005 and is the world's most popular online video community, allowing millions of people to watch and share videos, which have been originally created. YouTube also provides a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers to share the video content. It really is a superb way to add visual impact to your page and furthermore it’s free to add videos from YouTube to your website!!! You can either create or upload your own video or as long as you have permission, you could use a video, which is already on YouTube. With your Reason8 , it’s also a lot easier than you may think.


Put a spotlight on your images.

Images are an integral part of any website, especially an ecommerce site, which will be using images to sell the products and / or services. Presenting your images in the best light is vital to help customers make that all important decision – to buy! If a customer wants a closer look at a product image, wouldn’t it be great if they could simply click on it and a larger version popped up in its own window? Well, brace yourself because your image presentation is about to get really exciting!! Reason8 have made life very easy for with a feature called the Lightbox and you’re not going to believe how simple it is to incorporate this feature into your website.


Table Layouts

When you you really need to make sure that your website pages are easy to look at and are designed in a way, which actually helps visitors to absorb all your information. Displaying your content as neatly as possible can help you to ensure this. One of the best ways to design neat and structured pages is to use tables. Reason8’s table function is incredibly easy to use and so will help you to achieve perfect structure on all your primary pages.


Boost Word of Mouth marketing of your website

Word of mouth is probably one the most trusted and effective methods of advertising. If you consider the way you’d react to a tv, radio or press advertisement claiming how great something is and then compare that to your response to someone you know and trust telling you about a really good product, service or company that they’ve found and recommend. You’d be far more likely to go with what your friend says wouldn’t you? So when you , how can you help to generate more word of mouth about your company, products or services?


Website Navigation Quiz

The Reason8 Tutorial Blog pages contain around 100 guides on how to get the best from your website. This series of quizzes have been created to provide a fun way for to learn about the vast, amazing and flexible functions of your website editor. If you get stuck with anything while you build your website, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find the help you need here. If you don’t, then leave a comment at the bottom and tell us what you need help with.


Navigation using Links and Anchors

The Navigation of your website is what determines how easily your visitors can find their way around and ultimately find what they are looking for. When you , which has pages with lots of text information, it’s best to create a mini index menu of the information at the top of these pages with links to the respective pieces of information. This will help your visitors find what they need without having to scroll through the whole lot. This is done using links and anchors ().  But what if you need to link to a specific section of a page from a different page on your website?


Make the most of your images.

When you for your business, one of the first things you’ll need to organise are your images. Whether you have access to professional photography provided by a supplier or are using your own photography, the quality of your images is very important. Internet users will judge you and your products based on the images they see on your website pages and so the better the quality, the better the impression you give to those potential customers. 


Catering for Mobile Customers

When you for your business, it won’t just be viewed on a desktop or laptop computer. These days, it will more frequently and more likely to be viewed on a mobile phone. The IPhone, no longer a unique mobile office, has quickly been joined by a huge choice of smart phones nearly all of which offer internet access and good quality website viewing ability.


Gadgets for your website

There are thousands of Gadgets available, which you can add to your website to make your webpages more interesting and useful to your visitors. You can add your area’s temperature or weather guide, horoscopes or even include a game to encourage visitors to come on to your site regularly and repeatedly and spend time on your pages. As a , by giving more to your visitors, you will encourage them to take the time to browse your pages to see what you are offering and make a visit to your site both fun and informative. You should of course make sure that the main products and services you are offering take centre stage but offering additional incentives can increase traffic, make visitors come back to your site regularly and keep visitors with you for longer.


Help & Support

Your Tutorial Blogs collection have been created to help you get the most from your Reason8 . The Blogs offer step-by-step guides on almost every aspect, function, ability and feature, which you can find in your control panel. If you get stuck with anything when you build a website with Reason8 you can either look through the tutorials or you could check out your very own User Guide.


Please remember, these articles were first published 2009-2012. The content may be out of date and you cannot post comments any more. Please check out our new blog.

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