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Automatic Visitor Marketing!

There are tens of thousands more people online than normal at the moment and they’ll be there till the end of the New Year sales. Why not make the most of the extra traffic and set up a few pit lanes to draw them in. When you , make it simple for your visitors to remember your site and come back to it when they're ready to make a purchase. Make it equally simple for them to quickly and easily tell their friends about you.


Jargon Buster - Forums and Blogs

An Internet forum, web forum or message board is an area on a website which provides a discussion facility to visitors. Members of the forum can submit or “post” their comments and discussions or posts as they are called. They can also read and comment on “posts” or discussions from other forum members. An Internet forum can focus around almost any subject and provides a host of communication benefits to both and visitors alike. An Internet forum allows all members to make posts, comment on posts and start new topics. An Internet forum, web forum or message board normally asks new members to register or login before they are permitted to join the discussion with their own new posts. The various conversations or discussions in a web forum are commonly called threads. Threads are frequently made up of a number of posts from various members. The forum members can usually edit their own posts and start new topics.


Shopping Basket Options

Your Shopping Basket is the final step in generating sales for your online business. Your website works just like a Relay Team. Your primary intro pages work to catch your visitors attention, the baton is then smoothly passed to the information pages with the click of a mouse, whose job it is to generate interest and desire from your visitors and potential customers. Then come the product pages and finally the last runner, who needs to run fast and smooth is the Shopping Basket. When you , your Shopping Basket needs to provide your customers with as much information and as many options as possible. Fortunately your Reason8 Shopping Basket Wizard offers a host of options and functions to help you create a simple and enjoyable shopping experience for all your customers.  


SalesIncentives using Gift and Discount Vouchers

It’s a well known fact that Online Shoppers love a good deal, a great saving or a real bargain!! Gift certificates and discount vouchers are a great way to improve customer loyalty. Rewarding loyal customers and encouraging repeat business by issuing discount vouchers has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to increase sales. As a you can give your website the edge by offering sales incentives like these to both new and existing customers and website visitors. It can sometimes even make the difference between a shopper buying from your website or surfing onto the next to look for better offers elsewhere.


Increase Online Sales using Discount Vouchers

In our last we looked at the marketing benefits of offering Gift Vouchers. In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to issue money off vouchers and savings. Everyone loves a saving or a bargain and these days, have even come to expect it when shopping online. Gift certificates and discount vouchers are a great way to improve and encourage customer loyalty and in turn this can increase repeat and ongoing business and sales. As a you can up your game when it comes to your competitors by offering sales and money off vouchers to both new and existing customers.


Search Engine Optimisation – Inbound Links

Getting a great position on search engine results lists is one of the main aims of all . We’ve covered Search Engine optimisation quite a bit in these tutorial blogs because SEO is such a hot topic. Click  for a menu of the tutorials available. You can learn how to make sure your content includes lots of your relevant keywords. Make your pages look great with good quality relevant images and an effective layout. Ensure your information is clear and enticing and that the navigation for your site is simple and offers lots of ways in which visitors can work their way through your pages etc., etc., etc. If you’ve already done all this, there is other thing you can do, which could really help to boost your position and traffic, especially if you’re in a highly competitive market….


Search Engine Optimisation as Standard!

When you first consider getting a website for your business, one of the main criteria you should look for is Effective Search Engine Optimisation. There are plenty of Website Hosting Companies offering free websites, with , which must seem very tempting, even cost effective but are they????? The simple answer is NO. Most hide lots of extra costs for services and functions which really need to be included with your website as standard, especially if it’s a business website which needs to attract new customers and be accessible by existing customers online. Search Engine Optimisation is one of the services and is pretty much the most important as without it, your website is invisible to searches. It’s a bit like buying a car and then having to pay extra for the wheels??! 


The Truth about Search Engines.

There’s a lot of confusion about search engines and how they work and some of the advice and ideas can actually hinder your search engine position rather than help it. Fortunately, as a Reason8 , you don't need to worry too much as we're actually quite good at this SEO lark.  


First Steps to Search Engine Optimisation.

What was it that first motivated you to ? Have you just started a new business? Does your existing business need a boost? Do you want more people to come to your shop? Would you like new customers to call you to get a quote or enquire about your services or products? Do you want to reduce your workload? Provide more efficient and consistent information to your customers? Do you want to establish a professional brand, launch a new product, get some feedback on a new idea?


Effective Marketing of Your Website.

Once you know your customers, you can target them more effectively as you’ll be able to guess what keywords they’re most likely to type into a search bar when looking for products and services like yours. Create a list of these keywords and make sure you include them in the content on your pages. Your optimisation system can then pick out the best keywords and optimise your pages with them. Your target audience will then be able to find you as and when they need you. “The aim of marketing is to know and understand your customers so well that your products and / or services fit them perfectly and sell themselves.”


Website Style

As you build and develop your website, it’s important to maintain any existing corporate or company image or brand awareness. If you already have existing literature, logo’s, brand logo’s, corporate colour schemes and / or font styles, then include them within your website . As you use your to create your website keep in mind that clients who have already seen your company image or those who will see it in the future can recognise you easily when they find you online.


Jargon Busters – Mobile Internet

Computers were once the size of a small planet. Shrinking to room size, then car size by the 70’s, desktop size by the 80’s and by 1995, you could carry them around in a briefcase. Today, you carry them around in your pocket. Internet is now well and truly mobile. As a , how can you make the most of “the mobile boom!”?


Online offers the Best Seats in the Market !

statistics continue to show a significant annual increase in the amount of money spent online by shoppers throughout the UK. This continued increase demonstrates once again the ability for Internet shopping to sustain momentum despite the downward trend in High Street figures. These figures aren’t really that surprising when you consider the growing popularity in Mobile Internet and the ability to shop online from a mobile phone. As Internet shopping becomes more and more accessible the number of customers soars. While the world’s economy fights its way out of the current slump, how and why are 1000’s of s turning to the Internet to stay one step ahead of their competition and minimize the effects of the current market?


New Bing Site Verification !!

As a Reason8 , you’ve recruited an excellent team to help develop and promote your business online. Your website NEVER stops working! Endless processes are always on the go to make sure you achieve the best possible position on the search engine search lists. There are of course several things you can do to give your website a helping hand with Search Engine Optimisation, which we’ve covered in several previous . 


Website Marketing Quiz

The Reason8 Tutorial Blog pages contains around 100 guides on how to get the best from your . If you get stuck with anything while you develop your website, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find the help you need here. If you don’t, then leave a comment at the bottom and tell us what you need help with.  All the answers can be found in the “Marketing “ tutorials () in case you need a little clue but try to avoid any blatant cheating please!! : )  If you want to have some fun and learn something too then open a notepad document (start > all programs > accessories > notepad) next to your browser window and enter all the answers onto there, then simply paste them into a comment at the bottom when you’ve finished.  Right then R8 Website Builders… Let’s see how many of you have been doing your homework. Once you’ve answered the following questions, the first person to send in all the correct answers wins the fantastic FREE upgrade of 5 more web pages for your website!!


Boost Word of Mouth marketing of your website

Word of mouth is probably one the most trusted and effective methods of advertising. If you consider the way you’d react to a tv, radio or press advertisement claiming how great something is and then compare that to your response to someone you know and trust telling you about a really good product, service or company that they’ve found and recommend. You’d be far more likely to go with what your friend says wouldn’t you? So when you , how can you help to generate more word of mouth about your company, products or services?


Place your businesson Google Maps.

As internet surfing and browsing methods develop, website builders should make sure that their websites are moving with the times as well. It’s a proven fact that literally 10’s of Millions of people are using Google Maps every single day when searching for products and services within their local area. The Google Maps list usually appears towards the top of the first page of any search lists so it offers a superb position advantage along with full details about your business, direct links to your website and all your contact details to hand to encourage maximum immediate response from browsers. So what are you waiting for, lets get YOUR business included in the Google Maps search lists now!


Mobile Internet Access – Rapid Growth

Last year, it was quoted that the number of mobile phone users had reached half the planet! That means that there are now around 4 billion activated mobile phones in use and around 35% of these mobile users are accessing the internet on their phones. Combine this with the fact that shopping carts are supported by quick and easy to use payment systems such as Paypal, means that it’s now even easier and far more accessible to shop online. As a , it’s certainly a great time to have your business online as potential audiences grow and technology is bringing more and more convenience to shoppers!


Keep in Touch with your Customers!

OK, so you’ve built a website for your business. You’ve got all the information, images, keywords, products, services, unique selling points, special offers etc., etc, on your pages to both attract customers and to encourage them to get in touch or even better make a purchase from you there and then. Well done, pat yourself on the back and sit back and enjoy the benefits of your work. But is that really it? Is your work all done? Well that depends on how much response you want from customers, whether they’re new customers or clients who have already bought something from you. Staying pro-active with your website will of course maximize that response. 


Norton Safe Web.

Norton Internet Security remain in the top list of best selling internet security, which means a high percentage of your potential customers use Norton Internet Security to ensure that their internet journeys remain safe. If you are a , Norton Safe Web can work with you to ensure a safe and smooth ride through your website. It also means that you can get that all important Green Tick of assurance to appear alongside your listing in search engine’s search results. If your competitors in the search lists are still marked with a grey question mark, it’ll be your safe website they choose to come into.


Quick and EasySeasonal Marketing

With thousands more people online than normal coming up to Christmas and into the New Year, it’s a great opportunity for to do a bit of promotion. Why not take advantage of this eager and quite frankly – “frantically driven” audience while you can – everyone else seems to at this time of year! generate. It’s the perfect time to generate a bit of word of mouth promotion and is also a time to make sure that when this new burst of internet users find you online that they don’t forget you and better still - keep you handy!!


Boost your Business with a FacebookProfile

How would you react if you were told you could easily tap into a potential new audience of millions of internet users, who are just a click away from your website?! Complicated? Expensive, Technically tricky? NO! It’s actually very simple and completely FREE!


Create a Facebook Page and"Like" button for your website.

In the last Tutorial we look at the marketing benefits, which social networking sites such as Facebook have to offer business when they . With millions of potential new clients just a click away it really is worth tapping into this community to promote your business and advertise your website address. Today we’ll look at how to creat an advertising page for your business and then how to create a “LIKE” button for both your profile and your website.


Online and On Paper - Brand awareness.

Whether you already have a website or are still planning to . Reason8 have some amazing new designs to help you create a stunning website to portray your business in the best possible light. A new design or redesign for your website will attract the attention and response you want and provide the best possible first impression to new internet users and new potential customers. These new designs can not only be used on your website but could also be the basis of any marketing and brand awareness you create.


Adding a Blog Page to your website.

Lots of Reason8 have been asking about adding a blog / forum facility to their websites. If you run an online business, which would benefit from having an open communication channel / forum, message board or Blog page then fear not. It’s not as difficult as you think to add one. Reason8 websites are built with compatibility in mind and work really well with external systems to provide a multi facility site.


More Than One Website?

Many business owners and don’t just have the one website for their online company these days, but quite often there are several websites associated with one company. Different websites specialising in certain areas of a multi-faceted business can offer many benefits to customers, internet users and business owners alike.   What are the benefits of more than one website? Firstly, if a business has several strings to its bow or targets very different markets, then specific websites looking after certain areas of a company can make the process of finding what customers are looking for far simpler. More detailed information can be included on specifically designed websites when the product list is more exclusive and specific without overloading the web pages too much. Information such as; background history, feedback, product history, unique sales points, incentives, qualifying information, motivational data etc., etc. A website with too much information on too many types of products is too much for the average internet user to take in. Having more than one website means having more than one domain benefitting from Reason8’s extensive and ongoing Search Engine Optimisation expertise. Also by linking the websites together each website is individually attracting traffic and driving it to and from the other associated sites. It’s a bit like having an enormous fishing net and then sharing the catch! To link external websites together: Choose where on your sites you will feature the link to your other site(s) and open the editor on that page. Type an introduction to the link or simply the company name or you could even add a logo image for that division or your sister company if you have one. Highlight the text / select the image then click the yellow Insert Link button. Choose webpage > external webpage > enter the website address of the other website > choose yes for “Open in a New Window” click Add to website. As an extra boost and to secure closely matched domains, you could have more than one domain pointing at one website. You are protecting your domain by securing similar ones, such as, the .com, .net, .info etc, versions of your domain (if they haven’t already been taken, of course!) and it gives internet browsers more chance to find you and helps more potential customers become active customers. Domain names still only cost around £3 a year for a and around £10 a year for a .com or a .net. You can take advantage of them being so cheap to secure other domains for your website. Internet users can find your website by entering keywords or a key phrase into their internet browser address bar rather than using their search engine’s search bar – this is called Type-in Traffic. It can be very beneficial to secure multiple domain names that describe your business in different ways and feature your different top key words. As an example, if a company sells lollipops; their primary domain may be but they can attract type-in traffic from other domains such as:,, etc., etc. You can search for additional domain names through your control panel. Just click the “Upgrade - Add New Features” button on the left, then click “Register another Domain Name” and use the search bar to see what’s available.  


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