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Navigation Invitation

Once you’ve caught a visitors attention and gained their interest, the next step is to encourage them to come further into your website to have a closer look. Effective Website Navigation is the key to bringing visitors inside. The most obvious navigation is of course the menu bar, which contains the buttons for all your web pages. However, there are several more enticing methods of navigation, one of the simplest being internal links.


Come on in………

If you’ve successfully followed the 4 steps of , give yourself a huge pat on the back for a job very well done. You’ve created your main website pages and added lots of information and images. The design looks good. Your pages are inviting. If you have an Ecommerce website, you will have created your online shop, added all your products, pictures, options, postage costs etc. Your visitors and potential customers have a great choice of products and services to choose from and plenty of ways in which to get in touch with you…………. Is that it? Are you finished?


Navigating The World Wide Web

Your Navigation Bar or Site Menu contains the links to the primary pages of your website and can have a significant effect on your website’s performance. Your website may well include anything from 10 to 50 + pages, but for the purposes of “usability” and “SEO” try to limit your primary page links (main Menu Buttons) to no more than 5 - 7. Websites with an excessively long list of page buttons in no obvious order or sequence can put visitors off, as they just won’t know where to start. Whereas a website with good navigation, which helps visitors find what they’re looking for by offering a pleasant and clear route, will undoubtedly result in more response and mores sales!


Optimising your Web Pages 2

As we discussed in the last , your Reason8 website is not only very clever when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, but is also happy to work extremely hard, 24/7, to help you achieve the best position possible. However, there are a number of ways in which you can give it a helping hand. Verifying your Site with Google and submitting a Sitemap.


Get Response from your Website

The economy may be suffering but the Internet is still growing in both size and strength. Everyone’s talking about the fact that consumers are spending less, but sales and spending online through eCommerce is continuing to grow year-on-year. The Internets’ reputation for great deals, better value and greater choice is attracting potential customers and online business from all corners of the demographic. Even the most self confessed technophobes are getting in on the action so as not to miss out, so feel assured that having , your business is in the right place by being online. Making sure that your online target audience can get hold of you is vital so lets look at a couple more ways you can encourage maximum response from potential customers and visitors to your website.


Take Control of your Web Pages.

Your web pages work so very hard for you and can do so much to make sure your website is performing at its best. All you have to do is feed them and give them a little inspiration and guidance every now and again. Their extensive list of skills includes: invitation, salutation, inspiration, instruction, education, direction, interaction, entertainment, demonstration, advertising, marketing, sales, optimisation, administration, security, customer service, accountancy etc., etc., etc.…….. They could be one of the cheapest and most industrious one-stop  workforces ever known to man, so they've got to be worth a bit of TLC every now and again don’t you think!


Locking your pages

As part of the flexibilities provided by the Reason 8 system, you have a facility, which allows you to hide, lock and/or password protect your webpages. You may want to give high priority to certain clients or customers allowing them exclusive access to certain pages with personal, private, valuable or confidential information enclosed. You may want to build a members area for your best clients. You may have information or advice, which you want to sell. This facility gives you the power of complete control over access to your page content.


Index your Website with Images!

Index pages or Visual Menu Pages are a great way for to display a breakdown of the products or services they have available. Ideal for websites with or without a shopping basket, it can help visitors to find what they're looking for quickly and easily by clearly showing the various categories and groups of products you specialise in. 


Index / Menu Pages - Part 2

This Blog is Part 2 of a series looking at different ways to display your products and services. There are various ways, but we recommend going for the clear, easy to browse options, which will encourage visitors not only to click further into your site for more information but could also encourage maximum response and purchasing. Here, we're looking at using Visual Index or Menu Pages. Index or Menu Pages are a great way for to display a breakdown of the products you have available and the various categories and groups of products you specialise in. Click to see .


Spotlight your WebPageswithTables.

When a website has lots of different information about lots of different things, it's important to lay it all out in sections so that visitors can cast their eyes over different areas and fully take in the separate pieces of information. In addition to the information about your products and services, you may wish to tell visitors about regular special offers or provide general news. You may want to invite them to join a forum or blog, highlight different aspects of your business, emphasize the customer service you offer or advise about the delivery and postage options…


WYSIWYG – What You See is What You Get

We've already mentioned that Search Engines love to see new information and regular changes to the content on your web pages. Many business owners have websites, where, to have even the smallest amendment made, they need to contact their Website Design Company, explain what changes they need and then wait until their request can be fit into the busy schedules of the company’s web designers. Quite often by the time the change has been made, its too late. If however, you with Reason8, you’ll have no such problem! Simply log in, make your changes and Click Save. WYSIWYG!


Access all Areas

If you’ve ever been to a website and not known where to begin or how to find the information you need, you’ll know how frustrating and time consuming it can be. Websites can provide a vast amount of information but quite often visitors have a specific need and haven’t got time to scroll through pages and pages of text to find the answers they’re looking for. The structure of your website navigation, when you  is therefore vitally important to ensure that visitors can find what they need quickly and easily.


Changing your Menu Buttons Part 1

Got the wrong type of buttons? People love clicking buttons and links on a website. It’s fun, interactive and creates an instant live reaction, which gives visitors a feeling of control. Fun and effective clickability should be one of your main priorities when you as it’s the key to successful navigation. Make sure your visitors have a choice of clickable buttons and links not just in your main menu bar but on your pages too. It not only gives visitors more control but provides endless roads and doors, which will take them further into your website. The editing system for the buttons on your navigation bar has recently been updated and now offers a host of new and exciting features and options. Have you updated your buttons yet? Come and see how easy it is to upgrade them and see how much difference it makes to your website!


Changing your Buttons - Step 2

Fun and effective clickability should be one of your main priorities when you as it’s the key to successful navigation. Make sure your visitors have a choice of clickable buttons and links not just in your main menu bar but on your pages too. It not only gives visitors more control but provides endless roads and doors, which will take them further into your website. The editing system for the buttons on your navigation bar has recently been updated and now offers a host of new and exciting features and options. Our first  looks at the first step in Upgrading your Web Page Buttons. Have you updated your buttons yet?


Welcome back to Changing Your Buttons - Part 3

This is Part 3 of the tutorial looking at the new upgraded editing system for the buttons on your navigation bar. The Button Wizard has recently been updated to offer a host of new and exciting features and options. These options will allow you to design new, fun, animated, colour co-ordinated, dynamic buttons to grab visitors attentions and help guide them through the pages of your website. If you've taken the time to and have got the pages looking great, then it seems only right to make the doors to those pages look inviting too!


Button Ideas - Colour is the Key

Following the recent series of tutorials on Changing your Buttons, here are a few Button Style ideas to show you how the different setting options can work with each other… It will really make a difference to the final look of your site if the colours you use for your buttons work well with your existing website design. Using a chosen colour scheme to create continuity throughout a used by many . The easiest way is to pick out some colours from the ones on your site. They don’t have to be the most prominent colours, they could be colours used in small, subtle parts of the design or they could be a slightly different shade of a prominent colour. However you choose your button colour scheme, try to avoid colours, which will clash and so could dominate the pages too strongly. You want your buttons to stand out but you don’t want them to be hijacking your visitors attention away from your page content!


Links and Anchors

When your website needs to provide pages with lots and lots of text information on a number of different subjects it’s important to avoid creating excessively long text heavy pages. Viewers faced with lengthy pages of text will frequently click away as they rarely have the time to trawl through all the information to find what they are looking for. There is a way in which you can avoid long scrolling pages when you and its done using links and anchors.


Reason8 s

I hope you’ve all enjoyed and been helped by these Tutorial Blogs. The Blogs offer constant access to step-by-step guides on how to make the very most of your Reason8 Website. If you get stuck when you build a website with Reason8 you can look for tutorials covering the following subjects:


Jargon Buster Multiple Domains

You’ve full to bursting with all the information and incentives your customers need. You have hopefully been lucky enough to secure a great domain name for your business. It’ll be punchy, memorable, and will perfectly describe what your online business is offering and how it operates. But that enough? Why not have two or more domain names pointed at your fabulous new website. Give browsers more chance to find you and become customers.


Search Engine Optimisation – Inbound Links

Getting a great position on search engine results lists is one of the main aims of all . We’ve covered Search Engine optimisation quite a bit in these tutorial blogs because SEO is such a hot topic. Click  for a menu of the tutorials available. You can learn how to make sure your content includes lots of your relevant keywords. Make your pages look great with good quality relevant images and an effective layout. Ensure your information is clear and enticing and that the navigation for your site is simple and offers lots of ways in which visitors can work their way through your pages etc., etc., etc. If you’ve already done all this, there is other thing you can do, which could really help to boost your position and traffic, especially if you’re in a highly competitive market….


Benefits of Extra On PageNavigation...

As a , one of your first tasks is to make sure that your website presents an inviting, inspiring and easy to use environment for your visitors. Your next task is to grab their attention.  A new Flash animated website header is a great way to do this. Go to Step 2 in your control panel to explore this option. Holding on to their attention requires an inviting homepage with good quality images and plenty of keyword rich, descriptive information. Internet users often want the quickest, easiest route to what they are looking for. The whole point of the internet is speed and convenience, so make sure your website offers both.


Page Jump Navigation.

Following on from our last about on page Navigation, Let’s look at another form of navigation, which will ensure your viewers enjoy a simple and pleasant experience when viewing your pages. Your Reason8 makes it very simple to ensure that your whole site can be easily navigated by customers both old and new.  The navigation we’ll look at today is Page Jumps. Page Jump Links are vital on web pages, which feature a lot of text information, to avoid viewers having to scroll endlessly to view and find all the necessary information.


Effective Marketing of Your Website.

Once you know your customers, you can target them more effectively as you’ll be able to guess what keywords they’re most likely to type into a search bar when looking for products and services like yours. Create a list of these keywords and make sure you include them in the content on your pages. Your optimisation system can then pick out the best keywords and optimise your pages with them. Your target audience will then be able to find you as and when they need you. “The aim of marketing is to know and understand your customers so well that your products and / or services fit them perfectly and sell themselves.”


Keep your Text in Line

“Remember that writing for the screen is not the same as writing for paper. need to keep their content punchy, simple and to the point.” Grabbing and holding the attention of visitors and browsers flying through the net can be achieved in many ways, but one of the main ones is with your text content. Filling your pages with endless scrolls of text will lose their interest in seconds, they probably won’t get past the second line before giving up and moving to a website with more images and less text. People read for pleasure but not when they’re looking for something. Sourcing specific information needs to be a simple and speedy task.


Don't let yourVisitors get lost!

When browsers surf the internet looking for information, they want to find it quickly and easily. The first few seconds after clicking onto a site should at least give them an idea of what the site offers and whether they are likely to find what they are looking for. They’re hoping to find the best product or service that they need at that time and of course the best price. As the for your business, if your site shows no real indication of what’s on offer and / or gives visitors no idea of where to go next or how to get to the primary information pages, then the chances are they’ll click away to the next site pretty much immediately. If this is the case then YOU need to make some changes immediately.


Familiar Website Navigation.

In our last , we looked at how as a , you can make sure visitors don’t get lost in your site by including a link to your home page at the bottom of all your pages. Now let’s look at secondary navigation, which includes links to your contact page, about us, terms and conditions, delivery and copyright information etc. and the importance of maintaining a familiar structure to your Navigation.


Navigation Menu Redesign

We’ve recently been looking at the importance of the navigation of your website. Navigation will determine how easy your customers, viewers and visitors find it to get around your site and find what they’re looking for. One important tip is to limit the number of buttons you have in your navigation bar so as not to scare visitors with a daunting menu to possibly have to go through. All professional  know that you should aim to keep it to no more than 6/7. Once you ‘ve whittled it down and have your list, why not give them a facelift to help them stand out and encourage visitors to click them.  


Website Navigation Quiz

The Reason8 Tutorial Blog pages contain around 100 guides on how to get the best from your website. This series of quizzes have been created to provide a fun way for to learn about the vast, amazing and flexible functions of your website editor. If you get stuck with anything while you build your website, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find the help you need here. If you don’t, then leave a comment at the bottom and tell us what you need help with.


Navigation using Links and Anchors

The Navigation of your website is what determines how easily your visitors can find their way around and ultimately find what they are looking for. When you , which has pages with lots of text information, it’s best to create a mini index menu of the information at the top of these pages with links to the respective pieces of information. This will help your visitors find what they need without having to scroll through the whole lot. This is done using links and anchors ().  But what if you need to link to a specific section of a page from a different page on your website?


Adding a Site Search Engine to your Website.

You may well have seen websites with a “Search” box, which often appears as a small rectangular box in the upper left or right corner of a web page. Many internet visitors use internal search engines to look for specific content or products because they find it easier than browsing through all the pages. If a website‘s navigation  isn’t that clear, an internal site search engine can certainly make thing easier for it’s visitors. There are plenty of FREE site search engines available online these days so when you , it’s not a bad idea to add a site search box to your home page to offer your visitors the option.


Linking to Content on Different Pages

If your website offers lots of information, one of your main priorities as the , will be to arrange this information into easy to read sections so that your website visitors can find what they need quickly and easily. One of the best ways to guide your visitors to the various sections of content is by creating indexes or menu pages. These are clickable menu’s using either images or text to transport visitors to the information they need with a simple click.


Organising your web pages.

We all know how important it is for to keep their pages fresh and new. It’s not only your customers who need to be kept interested and updated on new products and services but the Search engines also like to see activity on a website. If all the pages on a website stay the same for months on end, the Search Engines may start to think it’s been forgotten or abandoned and will be less likely to include it in the top searches. So keep your website alive and updated. Creating new pages will draw a lot of attention from both internet users and search engines, so whenever you launch a new product or service, don’t forget to add all the information to your website!!


Maze or Menu?

When you’ve attracted the attention of internet users, encouraging them to click further into your website is a huge priority when you've . One way to do this is to make the website very easy to navigate. Making your visitor feel confident that he or she will be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily will ultimately help lead to sales and bookings. Simple to view, easy on the eye menu pages do exactly this and they also show visitors a good idea of what you have on offer straight away so tempting them in to have a closer look!.


Please remember, these articles were first published 2009-2012. The content may be out of date and you cannot post comments any more. Please check out our new blog.

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