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Jargon Buster takes on RSS Feeds.

This is the first of a new series called Jargon Buster. Written specifically for beginners, Reason8  and technophobes, it will aim to help explain some of the most technically confusing and daunting aspects of computers and the internet. We'll be looking at all sorts of scary things including: technical terms, applications, programs, functions and internet gadgets. Anything, in fact, which provokes responses such as: "Eh?",  "You do what with which button?" or my favourite: "Can you possibly repeat that in English please?"...


Jargon Buster - Spam Scams

Spam, E-mail spam, or junk E-mail is the abuse of electronic mail systems, to send unsolicited bulk messages to as many recipients as possible. Several billion spam email messages are received every day, causing confusion and frustration in its victims. Unfortunately, spam has evolved over the years and can now do a lot more than just annoy us. Fortunately however, Computer Internet Security has also evolved and if kept updated, can help block both spam and the viruses, spyware, adware and malware that can attack your computer. So don't panic - just be extra cautious and aware!


Jargon Buster - Servers

The website you build with Reason8 sits inside one of our servers (a large computer dedicated to serving and protecting your website).  As a , how and what is responsible for keeping your website pages live and in full view on the Internet is normally something you’d need to understand. But don’t panic!! as with all the dauntingly technical and terrifyingly confusing aspects of your website, things like servers and data storage is dealt with by the Reason8 support team. You have enough to do with building your pages and keeping them up to date and interesting for both your customers and the search engines! However, some people have asked about Servers so lets get the Jargon Buster to break it down.


Jargon Buster – Widgets

Widgets???..... Aren’t they those plastic thingemygigs you get in the bottom of a can of bitter to make it froth up when you pour it into a glass so you can pretend you’re in a pub and drinking real draught bitter?? Similar name – but no… when you are referring to a widget within the world of , it’s a completely different thingemygig altogether. Get yourself a nice pint of frothy beer and I’ll explain it for you!


Search Engine Optimisation - Pay per click (PPC)

Pay per click (PPC) is a method of Internet advertising for websites, which entails advertisers paying their Wesite advertising Hosts only when their ad is clicked. Search engines force advertisers to bid on keywords or key phrases, which are relevant to their target audience or market. Websites that use PPC advertising will display an advertisement when a keyword query matches any of the keywords in the advertiser's list of key phrases, or when a content site features relevant content. These advertisements are called sponsored links or sponsored ads, and appear up at the top and on the right of all the organic results. Organic Results are those listings, which have appeared in the search lists using only tools to create effective keyword placement, formating and optimisation such as the system operated by Reason8.


Jargon Buster – Sitemaps

As a , you’ll have heard the term sitemap many times. If you have verified your site with Google through your Reason8 control panel, you will have seen that Reason8 crate a sitemap for your website and make it incredibly easy for you to provide this to the powers that be. As a website owner, it’s understandable that you would want to discover the easiest way to get your web pages indexed more efficiently by the search engines. Getting noticed online will increase your position in the searches and therefore increase traffic to your site. Unfortunately, what search engines look at and analyse and how often is up to them. All we can do as web builders is to be as helpful as possible. We do this with a Sitemap.


Jargon Buster SNS, Social network Sites

Social network sites or SNSs have attracted millions of users and have offered a flexible communication portal for friends and strangers alike to get connected and stay connected. Since they appeared on our computer screens, social network sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, have now become a daily activity for millions of their users. There are in fact hundreds of social networks, supporting a huge range of interests and topics. Social networks allow strangers to connect with each other to discuss, share and view information on shared interests, political views, or activities. Social Network Sites are also a fantastic marketing tool for , offering a potentially enormous audience!


Reason8 s

I hope you’ve all enjoyed and been helped by these Tutorial Blogs. The Blogs offer constant access to step-by-step guides on how to make the very most of your Reason8 Website. If you get stuck when you build a website with Reason8 you can look for tutorials covering the following subjects:


Jargon Buster Multiple Domains

You’ve full to bursting with all the information and incentives your customers need. You have hopefully been lucky enough to secure a great domain name for your business. It’ll be punchy, memorable, and will perfectly describe what your online business is offering and how it operates. But that enough? Why not have two or more domain names pointed at your fabulous new website. Give browsers more chance to find you and become customers.


Jargon Buster - Forums and Blogs

An Internet forum, web forum or message board is an area on a website which provides a discussion facility to visitors. Members of the forum can submit or “post” their comments and discussions or posts as they are called. They can also read and comment on “posts” or discussions from other forum members. An Internet forum can focus around almost any subject and provides a host of communication benefits to both and visitors alike. An Internet forum allows all members to make posts, comment on posts and start new topics. An Internet forum, web forum or message board normally asks new members to register or login before they are permitted to join the discussion with their own new posts. The various conversations or discussions in a web forum are commonly called threads. Threads are frequently made up of a number of posts from various members. The forum members can usually edit their own posts and start new topics.


Jargon Buster - Cookies

Sadly, we’re not talking about Chocolate Chip or Fruit Shortcake here…. No, the cookies we’re going to talk about are Internet Cookies or Computer Cookies or more commonly referred to as just Cookies. Cookies are small files of data, which are stored on your computer whenever you open a new webpage on a website. They’re designed to grab and hold data or information specific to a visitor and website for a number of reasons. Cookies can be beneficial to both the website visitor and the . They can make browsing the internet more convenient, but some can be very intrusive and benefit only the issuer.


Jargon Buster – Cache?

What is Cache, Browser Cache or Computer Cache? We frequently hear the word cache being mentioned when a web page doesn’t look right or doesn’t open as we expect it to but what does cache do? Pronounced “Cash”, cache is a super quick memory, which is built into your computer and its main task is to remember instructions, which are frequently used over and over again to run programs. Where websites are concerned, cache stores information about the webpages you open and view to make things run quicker the next time you open those same pages. It does this by prioritizing the contents for quick access. So as a , cache can actually save you a lot of time!


The Truth about Search Engines.

There’s a lot of confusion about search engines and how they work and some of the advice and ideas can actually hinder your search engine position rather than help it. Fortunately, as a Reason8 , you don't need to worry too much as we're actually quite good at this SEO lark.  


Pointing your domain at your new website.

Congratulations, you’ve made the very clever move to build your website with Reason8 using their award winning and editing system. One of the first things you’ll need to do is decide whether to purchase a new domain (website address) or use an existing one, which you’ll have previously bought from one of the many domain registrars.


Jargon Busters – Mobile Internet

Computers were once the size of a small planet. Shrinking to room size, then car size by the 70’s, desktop size by the 80’s and by 1995, you could carry them around in a briefcase. Today, you carry them around in your pocket. Internet is now well and truly mobile. As a , how can you make the most of “the mobile boom!”?


Jargon Buster – Tags and Meta-tags

Meta tags exist to inform web crawlers about your web page and are used for search engine optimization purposes or (SEO). They help web crawlers to index your pages more easily. Correct use of meta tags can help to improve the visibility of your webpage to certain search engines, and may increase the likelihood of your page coming up in the search results lists when people search under keywords, which are related to your content. Your Reason8 creates all your tags automatically from the content you place on your pages but should you wish to amend and manipulate them yourself, here are a few guidelines.


Jargon Buster - What is Java?

You may well have had a small window pop up on your screen from time to time, telling you that you need to update Java. And you’ve probably been left thinking “What on earth is Java and why do I need it?” Well… in addition to Java being an exceptionally nice, albeit very strong coffee from Indonesia, it’s also a free piece of software that your computer needs to complete a whole host of tasks. Java is free software or to describe it more technically - a programming language and computing platform, which allows you to play games, chat with people worldwide, watch videos, view images in 3D etc., etc., etc….. you can even calculate the interest on your mortgage thanks to Java! It’s also a vital part of intranet applications and e-commerce solutions. As a a lot of the programs you may use to update your website require Java. In fact you’d be surprised how often Java may be involved in your life.



We’ve received lots of emails from customers asking how to add You Tube Videos to their websites. YouTube was founded in 2005 and is the world's most popular online video community, allowing millions of people to watch and share videos, which have been originally created. YouTube also provides a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers to share the video content. It really is a superb way to add visual impact to your page and furthermore it’s free to add videos from YouTube to your website!!! You can either create or upload your own video or as long as you have permission, you could use a video, which is already on YouTube. With your Reason8 , it’s also a lot easier than you may think.


New Browser on the Block

Microsoft launched a sneak preview Beta version of the long awaited Internet Explorer 9 in mid September and it’s now available for download! “Play in a more beautiful web” are the promises but what’s it really like? have been asking several questions.....Should I download it? Will it cause problems with existing software?


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