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We’ve looked at several of the flexibilities and functions of your Reason8 website editor. The system has been designed to make the process of as easy and as fun as possible. Catering for the masses – it’s simple to use for beginners, with helpful wizards and guides to show you what to do, while being flexible enough for the more technically minded to produce a website which can be pretty spectacular!


Jargon Buster – Widgets

Widgets???..... Aren’t they those plastic thingemygigs you get in the bottom of a can of bitter to make it froth up when you pour it into a glass so you can pretend you’re in a pub and drinking real draught bitter?? Similar name – but no… when you are referring to a widget within the world of , it’s a completely different thingemygig altogether. Get yourself a nice pint of frothy beer and I’ll explain it for you!


Jargon Buster – Sitemaps

As a , you’ll have heard the term sitemap many times. If you have verified your site with Google through your Reason8 control panel, you will have seen that Reason8 crate a sitemap for your website and make it incredibly easy for you to provide this to the powers that be. As a website owner, it’s understandable that you would want to discover the easiest way to get your web pages indexed more efficiently by the search engines. Getting noticed online will increase your position in the searches and therefore increase traffic to your site. Unfortunately, what search engines look at and analyse and how often is up to them. All we can do as web builders is to be as helpful as possible. We do this with a Sitemap.


Reason8 s

I hope you’ve all enjoyed and been helped by these Tutorial Blogs. The Blogs offer constant access to step-by-step guides on how to make the very most of your Reason8 Website. If you get stuck when you build a website with Reason8 you can look for tutorials covering the following subjects:


Jargon Busters – Mobile Internet

Computers were once the size of a small planet. Shrinking to room size, then car size by the 70’s, desktop size by the 80’s and by 1995, you could carry them around in a briefcase. Today, you carry them around in your pocket. Internet is now well and truly mobile. As a , how can you make the most of “the mobile boom!”?


When is a link not a link?

It’s a well know fact that building natural links to your website is a sure fire way of position. Our blog explains the importance of building links and how to go about getting them. At Reason8 we supply you with a few level of links to get you started. We also recommend that you actively source more links from relevant websites. Briefly, links are like votes to your website. The more votes you have, the more authoritive (important) your site is seen to the search engines. For these ‘votes’ to carry any real weight they need pass some benefit from the source site, to the linked site. However, this is not always the case.


Jargon Buster – Tags and Meta-tags

Meta tags exist to inform web crawlers about your web page and are used for search engine optimization purposes or (SEO). They help web crawlers to index your pages more easily. Correct use of meta tags can help to improve the visibility of your webpage to certain search engines, and may increase the likelihood of your page coming up in the search results lists when people search under keywords, which are related to your content. Your Reason8 creates all your tags automatically from the content you place on your pages but should you wish to amend and manipulate them yourself, here are a few guidelines.



We’ve received lots of emails from customers asking how to add You Tube Videos to their websites. YouTube was founded in 2005 and is the world's most popular online video community, allowing millions of people to watch and share videos, which have been originally created. YouTube also provides a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers to share the video content. It really is a superb way to add visual impact to your page and furthermore it’s free to add videos from YouTube to your website!!! You can either create or upload your own video or as long as you have permission, you could use a video, which is already on YouTube. With your Reason8 , it’s also a lot easier than you may think.


Adding a Site Search Engine to your Website.

You may well have seen websites with a “Search” box, which often appears as a small rectangular box in the upper left or right corner of a web page. Many internet visitors use internal search engines to look for specific content or products because they find it easier than browsing through all the pages. If a website‘s navigation  isn’t that clear, an internal site search engine can certainly make thing easier for it’s visitors. There are plenty of FREE site search engines available online these days so when you , it’s not a bad idea to add a site search box to your home page to offer your visitors the option.


Create a Facebook Page and"Like" button for your website.

In the last Tutorial we look at the marketing benefits, which social networking sites such as Facebook have to offer business when they . With millions of potential new clients just a click away it really is worth tapping into this community to promote your business and advertise your website address. Today we’ll look at how to creat an advertising page for your business and then how to create a “LIKE” button for both your profile and your website.


Gadgets for your website

There are thousands of Gadgets available, which you can add to your website to make your webpages more interesting and useful to your visitors. You can add your area’s temperature or weather guide, horoscopes or even include a game to encourage visitors to come on to your site regularly and repeatedly and spend time on your pages. As a , by giving more to your visitors, you will encourage them to take the time to browse your pages to see what you are offering and make a visit to your site both fun and informative. You should of course make sure that the main products and services you are offering take centre stage but offering additional incentives can increase traffic, make visitors come back to your site regularly and keep visitors with you for longer.


Please remember, these articles were first published 2009-2012. The content may be out of date and you cannot post comments any more. Please check out our new blog.

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