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You’ll know if your website is working as hard and effectively as it can for you, when the calls, enquiries and orders start coming in. When you , response from visitors is the ultimate goal, but can you do more to encourage potential customers to get in touch with you if they need to?  YES absolutely! The trick is to make contacting you as simple as possible…


Get Response from your Website

The economy may be suffering but the Internet is still growing in both size and strength. Everyone’s talking about the fact that consumers are spending less, but sales and spending online through eCommerce is continuing to grow year-on-year. The Internets’ reputation for great deals, better value and greater choice is attracting potential customers and online business from all corners of the demographic. Even the most self confessed technophobes are getting in on the action so as not to miss out, so feel assured that having , your business is in the right place by being online. Making sure that your online target audience can get hold of you is vital so lets look at a couple more ways you can encourage maximum response from potential customers and visitors to your website.


Recommend to a friend....

When you , you’ll want to let as many people as possible know about it. Word of mouth may well be one of the very first forms of advertising and yes it probably does date back to medieval times if not earlier, long before the word technology even existed but it’s still one of the best forms of marketing around. When someone you know and trust tells you about something great, you are far more likely to try it out than if a complete stranger had pointed it out to you! If someone has found your site or has become a customer and likes what they see, then make it easy for them to tell their friends about you.


£Billions spent Online -Are you gettingyour share?

One of the biggest success stories of the Millennium is Online Shopping. It’s a market, which is now open to every single business and its only fair that you should take your share of the £billions being spent each year online. A report published by PayPal with the help of credit experts - Experian, forecasts that by the end of 2011, UK online sales could increase by almost 140% !! This level of growth would mean that annual online retail sales could jump from under £9 billion to an astonishing £21 billion!! So if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?…..


Sell, Sell, Sell

As highlighted in our last , Internet Sales Figures are not only exceeding all expectations but are still flourishing. Bargains, deals and money saving promotions are just some of the factors that will drive online sales even further so make sure the Online Shop on your has plenty of options, teasers and deals to encourage maximum sales.


Setting up your Shopping Cart

Making your simple to use and easy to manage has always been a top priority for Reason8 and the Shopping Basket facility is one area, which needs to be as flexible and easy to use as possible. Lets face it, not many people have the time to learn how to use complicated software or learn the language of HTML. Even huge companies with all singing, all dancing e-commerce packages have had problems with adding and changing items or switching items off or hiding them as stock levels fluctuated.


Is yourDomain working hard enough?

When you first start thinking about a business website, one of the first things many people consider is the Website Address or Domain. A surprising number of business owners take the first step in buying their domain but then don’t get round to sorting out a website to point it to! That domain is then sitting there doing nothing, wasting money, when it could be working hard at marketing and promoting your business. You can with Reason8 whether you have a domain or not. You can transfer an existing domain or you can search for a new domain – either way you can rest assured that on our system, its going to be working very hard indeed.


Multiple Domains

Congratulations! You’re online! You’ve with all the information and incentives your customers need and you’ve launched it under the perfect domain name for your business. It’s punchy, memorable, and describes your online business perfectly. But why stop there? Domain names can be purchased for around £3 a year for a and around £10 a year for a .com or a .net. While they are still so cheap to secure, purchasing and pointing more than one domain at your website can be a very clever tactical move for a number of reasons.


Businesses Onlinenow have access to71% of the UK population!

The percentage of Internet users in the UK continues to rise! The figures in 2007 were recorded at 66%, but in 2008 those figures rose to an astonishing 71% of the entire UK population being online or having access to the Internet. Not surprising when you look at the amazingly good deals available for computers and laptops these days, not to mention mobile phone technology providing Internet access. Its not hard to image those figures reach the 90’s before very long. These figures should surely be matched if not beaten when looking at the percentages of businesses, which are online. Surely every business should and be online by now?


Helping Search Engines to Find your Keywords

You may be surprised to know that Search engines don’t actually find websites. They find Web Pages. They look at each page on your website as individual documents. They know that all your pages are part of the same website and are all related and linked but the content on each of your pages is individually reviewed. The complex process managing the visibility and optimisation of each of your individual pages is based on this knowledge, which is why each page has a Title, Description and a list of keywords. You can view these by clicking the Google Icon next to each page in Step 3.


WYSIWYG – What You See is What You Get

We've already mentioned that Search Engines love to see new information and regular changes to the content on your web pages. Many business owners have websites, where, to have even the smallest amendment made, they need to contact their Website Design Company, explain what changes they need and then wait until their request can be fit into the busy schedules of the company’s web designers. Quite often by the time the change has been made, its too late. If however, you with Reason8, you’ll have no such problem! Simply log in, make your changes and Click Save. WYSIWYG!


Making the most of your Professional Email Address

When you with Reason8, one of the major benefits is that you can use your own domain name or website address – Many website hosting companies offer websites which sit on subdomains and your website address would end up being something like, which from a marketing point of view is not great. When it comes to promoting your company, you need to portray as professional an image as possible to make the best first impression. Having your own domain is vital in so many ways. Just as important, is having a professional email address such as This means that when potential clients contact you they’re emailing an address directly associated with your domain name. A professional email address will offer customers far more reassurance than an email address such as Every business website with Reason8 includes at least one Professional Email Address as standard.


Everyone loves a bargain!

The Internet has been marked as the fastest growing retail zone ever, so its vital that you offer the deals and incentives, which will ensure your best share of the increased online spend. Retailers who put the effort into expanding and improving their presence online will most certainly reap the benefits during the festive trading season.  and include features which will encourage maximum response especially during the big shopping seasons.


Reason8 s

I hope you’ve all enjoyed and been helped by these Tutorial Blogs. The Blogs offer constant access to step-by-step guides on how to make the very most of your Reason8 Website. If you get stuck when you build a website with Reason8 you can look for tutorials covering the following subjects:


Automatic Visitor Marketing!

There are tens of thousands more people online than normal at the moment and they’ll be there till the end of the New Year sales. Why not make the most of the extra traffic and set up a few pit lanes to draw them in. When you , make it simple for your visitors to remember your site and come back to it when they're ready to make a purchase. Make it equally simple for them to quickly and easily tell their friends about you.


Shopping Basket Options

Your Shopping Basket is the final step in generating sales for your online business. Your website works just like a Relay Team. Your primary intro pages work to catch your visitors attention, the baton is then smoothly passed to the information pages with the click of a mouse, whose job it is to generate interest and desire from your visitors and potential customers. Then come the product pages and finally the last runner, who needs to run fast and smooth is the Shopping Basket. When you , your Shopping Basket needs to provide your customers with as much information and as many options as possible. Fortunately your Reason8 Shopping Basket Wizard offers a host of options and functions to help you create a simple and enjoyable shopping experience for all your customers.  


SalesIncentives using Gift and Discount Vouchers

It’s a well known fact that Online Shoppers love a good deal, a great saving or a real bargain!! Gift certificates and discount vouchers are a great way to improve customer loyalty. Rewarding loyal customers and encouraging repeat business by issuing discount vouchers has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to increase sales. As a you can give your website the edge by offering sales incentives like these to both new and existing customers and website visitors. It can sometimes even make the difference between a shopper buying from your website or surfing onto the next to look for better offers elsewhere.


Search Engine Optimisation – Inbound Links

Getting a great position on search engine results lists is one of the main aims of all . We’ve covered Search Engine optimisation quite a bit in these tutorial blogs because SEO is such a hot topic. Click  for a menu of the tutorials available. You can learn how to make sure your content includes lots of your relevant keywords. Make your pages look great with good quality relevant images and an effective layout. Ensure your information is clear and enticing and that the navigation for your site is simple and offers lots of ways in which visitors can work their way through your pages etc., etc., etc. If you’ve already done all this, there is other thing you can do, which could really help to boost your position and traffic, especially if you’re in a highly competitive market….


Search Engine Optimisation as Standard!

When you first consider getting a website for your business, one of the main criteria you should look for is Effective Search Engine Optimisation. There are plenty of Website Hosting Companies offering free websites, with , which must seem very tempting, even cost effective but are they????? The simple answer is NO. Most hide lots of extra costs for services and functions which really need to be included with your website as standard, especially if it’s a business website which needs to attract new customers and be accessible by existing customers online. Search Engine Optimisation is one of the services and is pretty much the most important as without it, your website is invisible to searches. It’s a bit like buying a car and then having to pay extra for the wheels??! 


GrabInternet UsersAttention with Flash

Grabbing the attention of your website visitors and passing internet users is a challenge for all s. A proven way to stop people in their tracks is with movement. An animated logo or slogan, a sequence of relevant images, a movie with sound, even a cute animated character can all help to encourage visitors to take a look at your website. This kind of movement or animation is provided by an application called Flash.


In a Word……

The information you include on your web pages can make the difference between a customer getting in touch and/or going elsewhere.  Your text content should be informative, clear, non-fussy, descriptive, easy to read and most importantly… interesting! When you , you have a whole bar of options to make sure that your text is laid out to the best advantage. It’s vital to make sure that your pages are clutter free and easy to read.


Effective Marketing of Your Website.

Once you know your customers, you can target them more effectively as you’ll be able to guess what keywords they’re most likely to type into a search bar when looking for products and services like yours. Create a list of these keywords and make sure you include them in the content on your pages. Your optimisation system can then pick out the best keywords and optimise your pages with them. Your target audience will then be able to find you as and when they need you. “The aim of marketing is to know and understand your customers so well that your products and / or services fit them perfectly and sell themselves.”


Website Style

As you build and develop your website, it’s important to maintain any existing corporate or company image or brand awareness. If you already have existing literature, logo’s, brand logo’s, corporate colour schemes and / or font styles, then include them within your website . As you use your to create your website keep in mind that clients who have already seen your company image or those who will see it in the future can recognise you easily when they find you online.


Response from your Customers

As a , one of your main achievements will be successfully generating response from your customers and visitors both new and existing. The easiest way to ensure maximum response from customers is to make it very, very simple for them to get in touch. There are several ways you can provide simple ways for your customers to get in touch and they are all easy to add to your website, using your Content Editor.


Online offers the Best Seats in the Market !

statistics continue to show a significant annual increase in the amount of money spent online by shoppers throughout the UK. This continued increase demonstrates once again the ability for Internet shopping to sustain momentum despite the downward trend in High Street figures. These figures aren’t really that surprising when you consider the growing popularity in Mobile Internet and the ability to shop online from a mobile phone. As Internet shopping becomes more and more accessible the number of customers soars. While the world’s economy fights its way out of the current slump, how and why are 1000’s of s turning to the Internet to stay one step ahead of their competition and minimize the effects of the current market?


Choosing your Website Colour Scheme

The colour scheme displayed throughout the pages of a website can either welcome viewers in for an enjoyable stay to read through your information or send people screaming with eyes bleeding into the arms of your competitor. Well maybe not eyes bleeding, I suppose that’s a little strong … but it’s a point to be carefully considered.  Your Reason8 website builder makes it very easy for you to choose any number of colour schemes for your website. The tricky bit is sticking to it throughout your site.


First Impressions in Seconds

When internet users first click onto your website, you have a matter of seconds to grab their attention and tell them what you do, what you offer and how they can buy from you or contact you. It seems like a lot of information to compress into a matter of seconds but the trick is to pick out the bare necessities of this info and present it clearly and aesthetically on your home page. First impressions last and as a it’s vital to grab visitors attention quickly and completely. One of the quickest ways to provide the bones of your key info is with a bespoke header for your website.


NEW Google Search Facilities

Google has recently revealed a whole new set of exiting features on its main search page. Internet users can now search under various categories to help them find what they need quickly and easily. Businesses are well advised to keep their websites regularly updated in order to take advantage of Google’s new features. As a Reason8 , you have all the tools you need to easily keep your site updated. With your live update editor built into your site, you can take full advantage of the New Google!


Boost Word of Mouth marketing of your website

Word of mouth is probably one the most trusted and effective methods of advertising. If you consider the way you’d react to a tv, radio or press advertisement claiming how great something is and then compare that to your response to someone you know and trust telling you about a really good product, service or company that they’ve found and recommend. You’d be far more likely to go with what your friend says wouldn’t you? So when you , how can you help to generate more word of mouth about your company, products or services?


Place your businesson Google Maps.

As internet surfing and browsing methods develop, website builders should make sure that their websites are moving with the times as well. It’s a proven fact that literally 10’s of Millions of people are using Google Maps every single day when searching for products and services within their local area. The Google Maps list usually appears towards the top of the first page of any search lists so it offers a superb position advantage along with full details about your business, direct links to your website and all your contact details to hand to encourage maximum immediate response from browsers. So what are you waiting for, lets get YOUR business included in the Google Maps search lists now!


Get More Sales by GivingMore Choice!

Providing your customers with a simple, safe and helpful online shopping experience will  not only encourage more sales but if they find your shopping cart easy and pleasurable to use, they’re more likely to come back to shop with you again and again. As a , you should be aiming to give your customers all the choices and options they need so that they can buy what they want in as few clicks as possible. Fortunately your Reason8 Shopping Basket Wizard offers a host of options and functions to help you create a simple and enjoyable shopping experience for all your customers.


Search Engine Optimisation Web Tools

As a Reason8 , once you’ve built the basics of your website with all the main content, you should verify your website with Google. Google sends out it’s team of 'robots' or 'spiders' to crawl through websites to capture information but this can take some time. With billions of web pages to crawl, Google won't know that new pages have been created or changed unless they are brought to their attention. Verifying your site with Google does just that and says, Hey! – look at my site, and to make it easy for you, here’s a map to show you around!  to view the tutorial on how to verify your site with not only Google but also Bing now too!


Keep in Touch with your Customers!

OK, so you’ve built a website for your business. You’ve got all the information, images, keywords, products, services, unique selling points, special offers etc., etc, on your pages to both attract customers and to encourage them to get in touch or even better make a purchase from you there and then. Well done, pat yourself on the back and sit back and enjoy the benefits of your work. But is that really it? Is your work all done? Well that depends on how much response you want from customers, whether they’re new customers or clients who have already bought something from you. Staying pro-active with your website will of course maximize that response. 


Norton Safe Web.

Norton Internet Security remain in the top list of best selling internet security, which means a high percentage of your potential customers use Norton Internet Security to ensure that their internet journeys remain safe. If you are a , Norton Safe Web can work with you to ensure a safe and smooth ride through your website. It also means that you can get that all important Green Tick of assurance to appear alongside your listing in search engine’s search results. If your competitors in the search lists are still marked with a grey question mark, it’ll be your safe website they choose to come into.


Getting response from website visitors

Once you’ve for your business, the main objective of your website is to generate response from internet users and visitors. Your Reason8 website makes sure that your contact page is your main priority as you will enter your contact details in step one of your control panel. There are however a number of alternative ways to encourage your website visitors to make contact with you.


Why do I need a website?

In today’s technological climate where the internet is by far the most dominant market medium, it is surprising that many businesses do not yet have an online presence. Many of these businesses have considered getting a website but have hesitated for a number of reasons including; assumptions of high cost, insufficient technical ability, assumptions that building a website is a huge, complicated task??? Reason8 of course know otherwise and have produced stunning websites with impressive functionality with ease. For those who have yet to discover this quick and easy website building experience, let’s look at some of the reasons  - “Why businesses should have a website?”


More Reasons to put your business online.

There are so many reasons why you should have a website for your business in today’s technological climate and a few of them are set out below for you. Build a website for your business and you create a cost-effective way for you to communicate with both potential and existing clients and it can widen your horizons to a global community. The benefits are endless and when weighed up against very reasonable costs, its a must have for any business, whatever the size.


Catering for Mobile Customers

When you for your business, it won’t just be viewed on a desktop or laptop computer. These days, it will more frequently and more likely to be viewed on a mobile phone. The IPhone, no longer a unique mobile office, has quickly been joined by a huge choice of smart phones nearly all of which offer internet access and good quality website viewing ability.


Keeping it Fresh with the Seasonal Events

If you’ve used the reason8 to build a stunning website for your business, well done! You’ve created that all important online presence for your business and now customers both new and old can find you online and get access to all your information, products, services and contact details. Your websites control panel also makes it really simple for you to keep your customers both new and old informed of seasonal discounts, news, special offers and new products and services on offer.


Adding a Blog Page to your website.

Lots of Reason8 have been asking about adding a blog / forum facility to their websites. If you run an online business, which would benefit from having an open communication channel / forum, message board or Blog page then fear not. It’s not as difficult as you think to add one. Reason8 websites are built with compatibility in mind and work really well with external systems to provide a multi facility site.


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