Payments made easy

We partner with Paypal to make simple and safe to process payments

By integrating Paypal as our primary payment gateway for our Ecommerce websites, we solve two problems: making the checkout experience as smooth and secure as possible while helping you get paid faster.


Proud to be official partners with Paypal

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We've made Paypal integration super easy

One click to the Paypal admin area, where you login, agree permissions and then you are “round-tripped” back in the DotGO admin area.

All done! No code, no complexity.

Switch between LIVE or TEST instantly at any time.






Testing & operating your shopping basket is simple

In test mode offer dummy card numbers to make fake transactions.  Track these fake transactions in your Paypal admin area and inside DotGO.  

When you are happy, go LIVE with a single click.






Fully compliant and extremely secure

Security woven in, from first-touch to checkout

  • SCA ready
  • PSD2 + strong customer authentication


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