As a whole, the number of job vacancies in the UK fell by around 60% for the second quarter of 2020, which is expected considering our current situation. For those jobs being advertised, the application to job ratio has risen by an average of 84%.

Some industries are actually seeing their businesses boom in this 'new normal', such as ecommerce website designs, while others are seriously struggling. Here’s an overview of the industry sectors which are currently experiencing real trouble.

High street and retail

The list of high street companies announcing job cuts is long and lengthy. From fashion brands to electrical stores, no company is immune from the drop in footfall. Unlike food retail, which has flourished, jobs in the retail industry have been decimated with swathes of the UK population staying indoors and refraining from shopping. Some were already struggling due to changes in shopping habits, with Covid-19 now on the scene, the pressure on this weakened sector has been massive.

As a result, there has been a significant transition among retailers to creating ecommerce website designs from which to market and sell their products. The trend is set to continue, with more brick-and-mortar shops moving their business online. If you are looking to make this transition, get in touch with DotGO to discuss building your own professional ecommerce website design.

Pubs and restaurants

The majority of pubs and restaurants have had to seriously scale back their businesses because of the coronavirus outbreak. As a result there has been a major contraction in the number of jobs available in this sector. Even when things were normal, changes in drinking habits meant that many pubs were not experiencing a booming trade and the pandemic has been the final nail in the coffin.

Events and exhibitions

High numbers of people congregating in one place have been banned for the last four months, so this has put a halt to trade shows, exhibitions and events. Although restrictions have been eased, large gatherings are still not allowed, and it is unclear when this ban will be relaxed. As a result, industry bodies say that almost a quarter of jobs in this sector are at risk.

Airline and travel

The airline industry has been pushed off a cliff with many countries banning international travel. Even though restrictions have been eased, demand is way off what it was pre-coronavirus, with some countries even introducing quarantine measures for incoming tourists. Many of the biggest airline operators have announced job cuts with industry figures saying that it will take several years for air travel to get back to what it was.


There has been a major drop in economic output which has had a big effect on manufacturing areas around the UK.  More than half of UK manufacturers expect to make job cuts over the next six months as manufacturers in automotive, aerospace and other core industries brace themselves for a big drop in demand.

In order to revive the economy it is important that businesses feel confident that things are returning to normal. The government is clearly trying to balance the need to kick-start the economy with the need to keep people safe. This is reflected in Boris Johnson contradicting his own scientific adviser, playing down the idea of another lockdown. How quickly these industries can recover will all depend on how soon we return to some kind of normalcy.

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