Coronavirus has had a massive effect on how businesses operate. Brick and mortar businesses in particular are looking at new and novel ways of operating and Google has made changes to Google My Business to reflect this. If you have a small business website that has a local location, then you need a Google My Business listing – if you don't have one, get one now!

New attributes

With your Google My Business listing, it is important that you fill out as many attributes as possible. If you're unaware what attributes are, they are what makes your business so special. For example, you may have outside seating, free wi-fi or 24 hour opening times.

If you are a restaurant, you can now list whether you offer; kerbside pick-up, dining in or no contact delivery. These attributes will appear at the top of your listing for easy viewing. If you're a restaurant business these new attributes are a great way to tell existing and potential customers that you're still operating.

Food delivery

Right now, everyone wants takeaway and this has created a surge in demand for food delivery companies such as Grubhub and Uber Eats. However this is not to everyone's liking and some restaurants have accused third party delivery companies of hijacking listings and extortionate fees. So restaurants will now be able to explicitly tell customers their preferred delivery company when ordering food.


If you have a favourite hairdresser, beauty salon or coffee shop and you're worried about that business surviving, you can now show your support with a contribution or gift card. If the business owner chooses to do so, Google will now list a donation link at the top of a listing, and this will send the user to a partnered payment provider.

Online classes

There's been a big shift in demand from people looking for online classes and online appointments. From doctors to fitness instructors – nearly everyone is offering online services. Google will now add the online attribute to Google My Business listings. In addition, Google will soon be rolling out the Reserve with Google programme which will allow users to easily make appointments for online services.

New hours

Many businesses are beginning to offer staggered opening times. For example many supermarkets are opening at 8am-9am for medical workers, while opening at 9am-10am for elderly customers. Google now gives businesses the ability to offer secondary opening and closing times to provide customers with even more clarity.

Virtual kitchens

Are you a food business looking to reach even more people? Google will soon be allowing virtual kitchens (kitchens with no physical presence) to be listed on Google My Business. If you offer food deliveries in the local area but operate from your own home, you'll soon be able to get your food delivery service seen by people searching on Google.

Do you need assistance taking advantage of these new features on Google My Business? Then get in touch with us at DotGO for a bit of help if you're looking to get online. We design affordable business websites and we'd love to help your business grow.