Coronavirus is having a transformative effect on the way we work. Anyone who can work remotely is doing so, and this is causing a surge in demand for remote apps. Video conferencing is key to effective remote working and Zoom has seen their user base jump from 10 million to over 300 million (as of of May).

Other conferencing platforms such as Skype and Google Hangouts have been watching in envy, so Google in particular is doing something about it. They are making Google Hangouts (now known as Google Meet) free to use for everyone.

Why would you want to switch to Google Meet if you already use Zoom? Well, Google Meet lets you make conference calls for up to 60 minutes. This is 20 minutes longer than what Zoom is currently offering for free.

More importantly, Zoom's popularity hasn't all been smooth sailing, and there's been a few well documented security issues. “Zoombombing” is the name given to the act in which uninvited people interrupt conference calls. This has occured at a few prominent conference calls and garnered quite a bit of publicity. This even led to some companies banning Zoom altogether.

Google avoids this problem by putting all potential callers in a green room, and only those granted entry by the host will be able to get entry into the conference call.

If you fancy giving Google Meet a go, then here's some handy tips to ensure you get the most out of the app.

Add subtitles

Have you got someone in your office who drives you up your wall? Well there's good news because you don't have to listen to them. With Google Meet you can display subtitles as someone speaks, all you need to do is press Turn on captions. Naturally, the subtitles are not always 100% accurate, but if you have no idea what someone is babbling on about, or you hate their voice – subtitles are your friend.

Modify camera resolution

If your internet is playing up, and you're struggling to follow Mandy's exciting presentation on last year's sales figures, you can change the resolution of your camera. Click on the three dots in the corner of the screen, go to settings , then adjust your video quality. Your video will be worse, but you'll be able to hear everyone properly and there won't be any cutting out.

Change your background

Are you worried that the Bob Marley posters on your wall will give the wrong impression to your boss? Then make sure you change the background when you're on Google Meet. Currently, you cannot change your background on Google Meet, but you can use a programme called ChromaCam. Simply install the app and configure the settings, and you'll have a range of nondescript backgrounds that you can blend into.

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