The second biggest search engine, Bing, has just released a new Site Scan feature if you're looking for some more diagnostic SEO tools. Site Scan is a new on demand audit tool that you will find under Bing's Webmaster Tools. It will help you to analyse the anatomy of your website so you can find errors and technical problems. If you make the required adjustments, you should see your search rankings improve as a result. Best of all is that it is completely free and very easy to use!

How does Site Scan work?

All you have to do is sign up, enter the name of your website and verify that you own the website. You'll then need to enter a few details, like the scope of the scan, the number of pages to be crawled or if you want to scan a specific sitemap. Once this is complete, you can sit back and wait while the diagnostic tool gets to work.

Reading the report

When Site Scan is finished you'll be provided with a report which highlights:

Errors – these are the biggest problems affecting your website design

Warnings – these are the less severe issues that are affecting your SEO

Notices – these are relative minor issues that need to be addressed, and can come last after resolving errors and warnings

Fixing problems

SEO can get quite technical, and you may find yourself scratching your head when you see errors with 'meta language' or 'alt attribute'. The good news is that you can visit an issue details page. Here, Site Scan will outline the problem, but also suggest the best method for fixing it. You'll also get a full breakdown of all the pages that are affected.

Why use this tool?

When it comes to SEO, nothing is ever clear cut. One SEO expert may say you need to do X, whilst another SEO expert insists that Y is the answer, and it's the same with diagnostic tools. Google has its own diagnostic tool – PageSpeed Insights, and there's even some people who complain about the usefulness of this tool.

So, if you would like to find out more about SEO, it's always best to use a few instruments. If they're all saying the same thing, then chances are there's something in your website design that requires your attention.

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