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Are you self employed? You might have to pay more tax soon

The government is facing criticism over its plan to increase national insurance contributions for the self employed.  more  

Does your website design need a virtual business card?

Google has introduced virtual business cards in India. Find out what they entail and how they could be used for your ecommerce website design.  more  

How does the 2020 recession compare to past recessions?

This week’s figures indicate that we are now in a recession. How does our current one compare to past recessions in the UK?  more  

What does the UK recession mean for ecommerce websites?

The UK is now officially in a recession for the first time in 11 years. What does this mean for small businesses such as ecommerce websites?  more  

How do I take part in the 'eat out to help out' scheme?

The government scheme to boost the restaurant trade is currently in effect. Here’s what you need to do to take part.  more  

Should we follow Sweden's example in combating COVID-19?

Sweden took a very different approach to fighting coronavirus, and this is reflected in recent figures.  more  

Does Google discriminate against ecommerce websites?

Recent studies show that 41% of Google’s first page contains links to their products at the expense of other independently created ecommerce website designs.  more  

Can people become immune to COVID-19? If so, for how long?

Can people acquire immunity from COVID-19 ? Evidence suggests that people do become immune after contracting the virus - but for how long?   more  

Can your ecommerce website benefit from government loans?

Recent government changes to its loan scheme means that more businesses, including ecommerce websites, can now apply for relief. Find out how this effects you.  more  

Can COVID-19 linger in the air? Some experts think so

There’s evidence to suggest that coronavirus can remain in the air.  more