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Does your website design need a virtual business card?

Google has introduced virtual business cards in India. Find out what they entail and how they could be used for your ecommerce website design.  more  

How does the 2020 recession compare to past recessions?

This week’s figures indicate that we are now in a recession. How does our current one compare to past recessions in the UK?  more  

What does the UK recession mean for ecommerce websites?

The UK is now officially in a recession for the first time in 11 years. What does this mean for small businesses such as ecommerce websites?  more  

How do I take part in the 'eat out to help out' scheme?

The government scheme to boost the restaurant trade is currently in effect. Here’s what you need to do to take part.  more  

Should we follow Sweden's example in combating COVID-19?

Sweden took a very different approach to fighting coronavirus, and this is reflected in recent figures.  more  

Does Google discriminate against ecommerce websites?

Recent studies show that 41% of Google’s first page contains links to their products at the expense of other independently created ecommerce website designs.  more  

Can people become immune to COVID-19? If so, for how long?

Can people acquire immunity from COVID-19 ? Evidence suggests that people do become immune after contracting the virus - but for how long?   more  

Can your ecommerce website benefit from government loans?

Recent government changes to its loan scheme means that more businesses, including ecommerce websites, can now apply for relief. Find out how this effects you.  more  

Can COVID-19 linger in the air? Some experts think so

There’s evidence to suggest that coronavirus can remain in the air.  more  

Ecommerce websites should be worried about Brexit trade talks

Reports say that a Brexit trade deal is still some way off, with a deal currently looking unlikely.  more  

How can Google Guaranteed boost my website design's SEO?

It’s been a year since Google Guaranteed was introduced in the USA and Canada. Will we be seeing it in the UK?  more  

Are you ready for the new import/export paperwork regime?

Brexit will change imports and exports next year. If your ecommerce website design relies on imports and exports from the EU, keep reading to see how this effects you.   more  

Which job sectors are thriving?

Some industry sectors are struggling with the new normal, whilst others are booming.   more  

Why the 'new normal' has boosted ecommerce website designs

Some industry sectors such as ecommerce are thriving with the new normal, while others are struggling.  more  

When can the UK expect to have a COVID-19 vaccine?

Recent reports suggest a new COVID-19 vaccine is inducing an immune response. Find out what it means for you.  more  

Ready to open your gym, pool or leisure facility in July?

Pools, gyms and leisure facilities can re-open from July 25. Here's what your business should do to protect customers and reduce risks.  more  

Why do many website designs prefer Google Ads over SEO?

Recent reports show many companies prefer Google Ads over SEO for their website design. Here’s why.  more  

Is my ecommerce website really performing well on Google?

Have you ever wondered how many people click on your website design's listing on Google's search engine? Sistrix's recent study provides the answers.  more  

What are the new rules on wearing masks in the UK?

From the 24th July, it will be mandatory to wear a face covering in shops and supermarkets.  more  

Are you ready to change your hiring practises?

Big changes to immigration rules are coming in 2021. Here’s what you should know.  more  

Are you ready for the IR35 freelancer tax changes?

IR35 tax reforms have just been voted through to take effect in April 2021. Here’s what you need to know.  more  

5 free tools to improve your website design's SEO ranking

There’s a host of excellent tools you can use to support your SEO. Here’s an overview of all the best ones.  more  

Will the government's slashing of VAT help small businesses?

The government hopes to bolster the economy by slashing VAT. What does this move mean for ecommerce websites and other small service businesses?  more  

How will the £500 voucher scheme help UK businesses

The government is considering whether to give everyone in the country a £500 voucher to spend on the high street.  more  

Why aren't we wearing face masks?

Many countries are asking their citizens to wear face masks. Why aren't we?  more  

How your website design can take full advantage of content

Bing has recently released guidelines discussing the factors it uses to assess content. Find out how it can transform your website design.   more  

Small businesses cannot be evicted for the next three months

If you're a small business and worried about being evicted, you can now breathe a sigh of relief.  more  

Is your business ready to embrace the website design era?

Covid-19 has meant that understanding website design is more important than ever for small businesses. Here’s how you can be ready.  more  

Are you ready to re-open your restaurant, pub or hotel?

Here's what you need to do to get your restaurant, pub or hotel ready for re-opening.  more  

Is your business ready to re-open following lockdown?

The government has announced that businesses can open their doors in July. Here's what you need to know.  more  

Should small businesses pick up the bill for Coronavirus?

Small businesses such as ecommerce websites are taking insurance companies to court over paying for lockdown losses. Find out how it could effect you.  more  

How Google Keen can boost content for your website design

Google Keen uses Google's search engine to provides a steady stream of news, information and content for website designs like yours. Find out more about it here.  more  

Do social distancing measures apply to websites?

As the government relaxes the two-metre social distancing rule, websites - especially online shops - have been ticking along as normal.   more  

The government's new stimulus package, explained simply

The Bank of England recently announced a new stimulus package for small businesses such as online shops. Here's an overview of what you can expect.  more  

Switching to an ecommerce website can save your business money

If you're seeing demand drop for your products, a there a number of ways - including using an ecommerce website - to save money.   more  

Are Amazon disadvantaging other ecommerce websites?

The EU has accused Amazon of abusing its position to stack the market in their favour. Here’s what it could mean for ecommerce website designs around the world.  more  

How does the UK economy's 20% shrink effect my online shop?

The economy shrunk by 20% in April, the biggest monthly contraction since records started in 1997. Find out what this could mean for your ecommerce website.  more  

Eight free tools to help your website during COVID-19

In light of COVID-19, digital companies are offering free tools to help small businesses who have professional websites. Here are the best ones.  more  

Are you looking to improve your website's SEO?

If you would like more diagnostics for improving your website's SEO, Bing has a great new tool called Site Scan. Learn more about it here.   more  

How will changes to Employment Allowance effect your small business?

The Chancellor could be making changes to Employment Allowance. Here's what ecommerce website owners need to know about the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.  more  

Google has changed how it ranks websites. Are you ready?

With Google making several notable updates to its core algorithm, your website design needs to adapt. Here's how to stay ahead of the curve.  more  

Are you ready to share the cost of your furloughed employees?

Rishi Sunak has provided more details of the costs businesses will need to pay. Here's what you need to know about the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.  more  

Are you looking for a new video conferencing app that is free to use?

You can now use Google Meet, and best of all is that it won't cost you anything!  more  

Want to know how to make your Google My Business listing even better?

Here's an overview of all the new ways to improve your business website and online presence.  more  

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