The page you are looking at is a deep page!

Deep pages can be styled in any way but are typically light on design, faster to build and easily replicated.  Each deep page allows you to spotlight a specific service or feature that you offer.  They can be included in your menu but they do not carry the same weight as a Main Page.

Deep pages are database driven.  This means the content is searchable, they can be managed and inserted into to your website pages as a block.

For example

Let’s say you are a builder who has 5 main services

  • General building works
  • Home extensions
  • Driveways
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Roofing

There are two ways that we can present these services on your website

Option 1 use a single main page to describe all 5 services.  Each service can be presented as a coloured paragraph or row and maybe contains an image.  This keeps all services on a single page. 

Option 2 create individual deep pages for each service, with a common styling.  Add a beautiful grid of thumbnails (linking to each deep page) to main page.


deep pages for uk business websites


How many deep pages can you have?

We give you an allowance of 100 deep pages, but you can have more if you need them


Deep pages can be cloned and changed.  Click to make an instant copy, change the name, content and SEO details and you are done.

Because deep pages are so quick and easy to clone and create, we recognise that you may want to add lots more later, as your business grows.  Which is why we give you such a big allowance.

However, during the initial build, it will be at your designer’s discretion how many deep pages they create.  4 -6 deep pages is typically the maximum we would create, of course this depends on the number and type of services and features you are offering as a business.

A few websites we recently designed and launched




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We believe there is a place for good-old-fashioned customer service on the Internet.  It's in our DNA.  Our different approach has made a big impression on our customers and a huge difference to their businesses. 


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Initial first contact was brilliant and it just got better from there. I had tried the online design tools and was tearing what little hair out that i had.! From the outset they have been precise, articulate and honest in what i can have, what it can do and how it can grow. So i went with their design service and optimisation guidance etc. Brilliant, 10 days from start to finish , a few calls to me about content, character, style and persona of what the business is and how i wanted it to come across. It was nailed at the first attempt. My contact was Faith and she is a great ambassador for DotGo. My website will grow and it will be all done by DotGo. I have a trout fishing website and i wish i'd used her for this as its currently a mare to manage with the online faceless service provided by the out of Europe services. Please please give them a go as you will not be disappointed. And they are really good value. Remember , you buy cheap you buy twice..!!

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