Everyone likes a bargain. Promotions and discounts are a great way to get extra customers and increase sales. However, it can be a fine art to know when to run them and how to use a discount effectively, after all, and you do still need to be able to turn a profit at the end of the day. We recently looked at how an ecommerce website design could use promotions to boost sales, but how can we use these effectively as part of our marketing?

When should I promote?

Every industry works differently, and this is something that is going be to unique to you. The best thing to consider, is what is your audience expecting to see? A technology firm might be expected to have a sale over Cyber Monday, while a stationary supplier may think of running a Back to School discount. While not essential, it always helps to tie a discount to a particular event or special day. It makes the promotion feel genuine and doesn't look like a cheap sales tactic.

This concept could be used for planning your marketing strategy, regardless of running a discount. If an upcoming event could tie into your business, then it's likely your target audience may already be thinking about you or your products, but how do we get in touch with your customers?

How do I get the message out?

Let’s say we want to run a promotion in line with an upcoming bank holiday, but we need to let customers know. Firstly, what ways do we already have to communicate with customers? It could be worth putting some information on your business website, a banner with a discount code, or popup when you visit the site with promotion details could be a good way for your visitors to find out what's coming up. Additionally, a chatbot could be used to alert customers of the promotion, and could be configured to only tell new or repeat visitors based on your preferences.

While these could be used to communicate with visitors to your website design, we also have to think about how we can let people know over a wider range. Perhaps you've collected email addresses from orders or contact forms, assuming you have permission to use these details for marketing, it may be worth sending a mass email pointing people to your website design to find out more. Additionally, physical leaflets may suit your industry, and could be used to reach new areas and potential customers.

It's always worth thinking about how you can use a promotion as part of your wider marketing strategy. It could be a way of increasing sales, or perhaps as part of an up-sell by offering a discount on an item when something else is bought. Whichever way suits your business best, you need to find a way of interacting with your customers and letting them know to get involved. A professional website design can act as the central core for your marketing campaigns, so feel free to have a chat with us about how your website could be used as a way to market your business most effectively.

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