When we look to work with a company or try out a service we have not experienced before, checking out that company’s reviews may be the first thing customers decide to do. Recent surveys state that over 80% of people would trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation, but at the same time there is a growing uncertainty and awareness of untrustworthy reviews. 

Here at DotGO, we are very proud of our reviews, we work with our clients to make sure that their testimonials are showcased and can instil trust in their customers.  

On My Website

The logical place to showcase your reviews is on your own website design. Your customers are already trying to find out more about what you do and how you work. Comments of past customers could act as a nudge in the right direction. With your website design you can decide which reviews go where, meaning that you can showcase the best ones, and you can just not show any unjust reviews. The trouble is that your customers may worry that the bad reviews are just being hidden. Because of this, more companies are relying on impartial review platforms to paint a clearer picture of what their clients think.

Independent Reviews

Third party review sites act as an impartial tool for getting testimonials and comments on a business. The difficulty is that there are so many to choose from. Many different industries have their own specific platforms. Working in website design, we use Trustpilot which tends to focus more, but not exclusively, on online based business and ecommerce websites. A builder may have a profile on Checkatrade or Bark, while a bed and breakfast may use TripAdvisor. While there's no need to only focus on one industry specific review service to point your happy customers to, it's worth keeping in mind where people looking for your service would instinctively look and be more likely to trust.

Inevitably, There's Google

Of course, we can't get very far on the internet these days without ending up on a Google search page, and as ever Google is keen to get people using their approach to finding things. Google My Business provides each company with a short but effective profile to appear when searching for the business or using services such as Google Maps. While this is a great way of someone being able to stumble upon your business and see your reviews right away, Google reviews are limited, and don't have a way to only let your customers leave a comment. Google search for Google Reviews includes many questions in its 'People also ask' section about how to remove a bad or inappropriate review. 

There are many different ways to showcase your testimonials and help get your message out to new clients. No matter which route you go in, it makes sense to bring them all together, having an area on your own website design that leads to your profile on a third party review site helps establish trust in your business. With every project we work on, our team would work with you to find out how best to showcase your reviews and make sure your website looks the part.

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