Why Should I Use Professional Email For My Website Design?

We are in a time where almost every technology company offers a free email solution. From huge providers such as Gmail and Outlook, to more service specific iCloud or BTinternet. This multitude of free email clients means that not only does everyone have an email address, but often will end up with multiple. Except we are creatures of habit, using a new account always feels a bit of a pain. So when we talk to our clients about yet another email address, one to match the domain name of a new website design, it's little wonder that some people are not too fond of the idea.

There are however some huge advantages to having an email address specific to your small business. Not only is it a way of separating your work and home life, but there are some key benefits of a professional email solution rather than using a free Gmail account in your company name.

Looking the Part

You might be thinking that email is for sending and receiving messages, and while that's true, wouldn't it be nice if it was a way of marketing yourself too?

First and foremost, a professional sounding email address shows that you care about the business, you want it to look good, and have spent some time and effort into creating a unique website design. Using a custom address on the side of your work van, or on your business cards, means not only are you getting your name out there, but also showing off that you're a professional outfit. It's also a subtle way of advertising your website. From looking at your email address, suddenly your customers know your domain name, where to look for extra information, and the style of your website design.

Your Own Bubble

As silly as it may sound, your own email address, based off your own domain name, is well... your own. This means you don't have to fit the moulds that other systems put you in. while info@ may be a common email address prefix, it may not be suitable, perhaps a restaurant may want reservation enquires sent to bookings@ or a dog groomer may want to use a woof@! Your own email system means you could have matching addresses for different employees or departments and as it's your own system, you can use it however you'd like.

If you’d prefer to use a specific email client on your devices to send and receive messages, a professional email address can do just that.  Would you rather just check that one area for your emails instead of logging into different websites? You could forward all incoming messages to your personal account so you never miss an important enquiry. You get the added security of being in your own secure space, not on a mass server with millions of other people under constant threat of your big tech company being hacked or going offline. Not only all that, but with your own professional email address, you don't have to worry about pesky adverts while you check your messages.


There's many reasons to think about how an email address can make an impact on how others see and interact with your business, but the best bit is that here at DotGO, we offer a professional email solution, with every website at no extra charge. Feel free to get in touch and we can have a chat about how a unique email address will help your business look the part.

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