As the lockdown requirements start to ease, many businesses can plan their next steps a little clearer. For some it may mean thinking about how they can safely return to an office environment, while others will need to spend more attention on planning strategies to keep workers socially distant and protected from the public. While it is relativity easy to plan ahead for your staff, it's harder to make sure your customers are aware of your re-opening, and know what is expected of them going forward in this new postlockdown world.

Are you open?

Firstly, business need customers. For high street shops, passersby will be able to see an open door and the activity inside, while a business based on an industrial estate may not have the luxury of passing visitors. There are many ways of reaching out and letting your customers know that you’re open for business again, and some may suit different industries better than others. Social media could be a great way for retailers to show that they are opening again. A post could be used to explain the new social distancing requirements and opening hours. Some businesses which hold customer contact details could think about sending a mass email to inform their clients that they are operational again, perhaps even including a special promotion to help kick start sales. Additionally, firms which have been using their website design throughout the lockdown period could add a banner with new opening details or perhaps even enlist the support of a chatbot to let visitors know that you are open again and provide opening hours or contact details.

Dealing with the new normal

Previously we have looked at how websites could be used to provide a socially distant solution for the food and drink sector and fashion boutiques. The trouble is that every business will have its own issues to overcome to ensure that staff can remain safe yet maintaining efficiency. Some businesses will continue running remotely, but for others being on the front line is unavoidable. The next couple of weeks can provide an opportunity for managers to plan out the next steps for their business. It may be worth communicating with your visitors any changes that will be happening. Perhaps you'll only be serving a reduced menu or will be asking any visitors to wear face coverings. By letting your customers know in advance through mass mailing, social media posts or your website, hopefully any visitors will come prepared and understanding of the changes.

Need some help?

We are all in this together. If you feel that time is running out and you need some guidance on how a unique professional website design could be used ensure your business runs efficiently and safely, feel free to get in touch with our team and let us help with finding a solution to these unprecedented problems.  

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