As a selection of hospitality establishments start to re-think what a post-lockdown world will look like, we've been thinking about how guest houses, bed and breakfasts and hotels can promote themselves and reduce the commission fees being paid to hotel listing sites. 

The Problem

Many establishments rely on large directory sites to get their name out to travellers looking to book some time away. While these sites are a great place to advertise your offering for people searching in a particular area, they aren't cheap. Bookings made though these platforms are often subject to admin and commission fees, and it's unlikely any potential guests will find your hotel through one of these sites. Then try to contact you directly to make the booking and payment, for all they know the last room may be about to be reserved by someone else! has an average of a 15% commission rate globally, and claims to be one of the lowest in the industry. The solution could be to increase prices in line with these fees, but that could put off guests and drive them towards your competitors.

Your Own Website Design

If you were to move away from a large directory style site, the obvious step is your own personal website design. This gives you your own unique place that can match your particular style, showcase the different rooms on offer and highlight features such as local events or the onsite bar. A website can be designed to give more details than a directory listing would offer, and no longer will be viewed side by side with all your competitors. Your own site could also include extra design features that makes your establishment look even better. Perhaps a video of the grounds, or a digital download of the menu. Having your own website design frees you from the limitations of a simple listing page.

Getting Found

By moving away from a booking directory, the first thing to think about is getting your website found. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about getting your website indexed by Google. By thinking about what people planning a holiday may be searching for, sprinkling those keywords throughout your website design would give Google an understanding that your website is relevant for those searches. Additionally, Google My Business offers the ability to link your business profile, website and contact details to Google Maps. If someone is planning a weekend away and see your hotel in a convenient location, they can link straight to your site.


So now your guests are viewing your website, but the most important thing is that they can make a booking. There are many tools which are designed to manage room bookings. You may already be using a booking platform which can simply be integrated into your website design, either directly into a page, or by following a booking link. For some establishments such as a holiday cabin, taking details via a contact form and speaking to them directly about their requirements may be more suitable and appreciated by your guests.

In Summary

Every business is different, and that is especially true in the hospitality sector. Every hotel and guest house has its own offering, style and way of working. Therefore, each needs its own solution. A bespoke website design service allows your individual requirements to be met, to make sure you have the best tools to market your services. Have a chat with our team about what makes your business tick and we'll see how we can help.   

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