COVID-19 has changed the way shops will be able to interact with their customers. For businesses that create a luxurious retail experience for their clients, be it through beautiful decor and styling or a personal face to face assistant, it will be difficult to be able to offer the same approach that customers will be expecting.

While the obvious solution for many small businesses in the retail sector has been to take their range online with an unique ecommerce website design, would this be an option for a boutique that wants to do more than simply show a list of their products?

It's Your Website Design

There's lots of different ways to create a website design, and many different ecommerce platforms too. A key element of getting something that will help highlight your style and approach is finding a firm that works with website design rather than trying to build something yourself from a template. A well-designed website matches the look, feel and structure that your clients would be expecting to see. While some shops could get away with a vending machine approach, listing items and allowing people to see the range and add what they would like to a basket, others need a more hand held approach. A boutique website design may need to lead with more informational pages, describing the quality and purpose of the brand before showcasing different collections and items. Some items may need different information, instead of needing to speak with staff, these could be attached to the items in question instead

Interact with your customers

There's no reason that a website has to be a one way tool for your visitors to look at, and for you to sit back and have to just wait for orders to come through. There's lots of ways you can still communicate with your customers. The simple approach would be including phone numbers and contact forms on the site for your visitors to get in touch with any questions, but this might put people off or take too long for them to get the reply they are looking for. Online chat and chatbots could provide a fast way of communicating with the visitors on your website design, and if someone has questions over item availability, you'll be able to quickly let them know the answer. 

Additionally, if a visitor keeps looking at one item or has placed it in the basket but keeps erring on the payment screen, you'll be able to reach out and communicate with them, perhaps a slight discount would give them the nudge they are after? There is no reason that a personal shopping experience couldn't keep up with the times. Perhaps instead of reserving a slot in the shop, a booking could be made for a video call to showcase the items available.

A great website designer will listen to your requirements and work with you to build something that looks the part and functions the way your clients expect it to. They are there to suggest how technology could be used to improve the experience of your customers, and help your business evolve in these new times. If you'd like to have a chat with us at DotGO about how a website design could help your business online, then get in touch for a friendly chat.

Improve Your Shop

Are you a small business owner who doesn't like their current online shop? Do you want to upgrade your current website to an online shop, but don't know where to start? If so, DotGO has you covered. 

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Our brilliant team of designers and writers work closely with you to determine the precise needs of your business, keeping you in the loop throughout and producing a stunning bespoke website design that works for your business. 

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