Bots in the age of COVID-19

One of the key things we have to think about when working with our clients on their website design is how visitors will interact with the site and the business. With COVID-19 changing how firms can operate, new technology is being used in a variety of ways. What better way to be able to still help your customers, than using cutting edge communication technology? Chatbots.

What is a Chatbot?

You've probably already interacted with Chatbots, perhaps without even noticing it. They come in all different shapes and sizes but often Chatbots are similar to using the online chat capability on a website, providing quick instant communication between you and the business. With a Chatbot things are the same, except it's a machine at the other end providing pre-written responses. You may have already met our very own DotBOT on our website design, it is sitting down at the bottom right of the page waiting to say hello and can help point you in the right direction if you have any questions. 

Chatbots are a great way at providing shot snippets of information in answer to specific questions. They give your visitors a way to interact with the site, and give you a reliable, always ready employee who's not going to go off script and doesn't need a break.  

How can they help me?

We are now pretty familiar with smart technology, the Siris on our phones and Alexas in our homes. Now your own website design can have its own companion, but how can this help my business?

Online chat tools are a great way of quickly communicating with your visitors, answering questions, arranging phone calls, checking on an order and much more. But what happens when you are away from your desk, or in the middle of a phone call? We can't always be there to answer these questions in a timely manner, so what if our new robotic friend could? Chatbots excel with simple enquires. They can be predetermined to show and answer some frequently asked questions, or could be configured to take down contact details and send them over for you to call them back and provide that human touch.

Sure, a Chatbot isn't going to be capable of wining and dining potential customers, but it can take the stress off and free up valuable time. They can be tailor-built around common questions, or to automate a conversation that would otherwise need a member of your team on the phone or waiting for your website visitor to type a reply. Of course, this goes both ways. Nothing is worse than being on a website, asking the online chat about something and having to wait for a reply. With a bot, it could point you in the right direction, take some details or maybe even have the answer you’re looking for. If the bot gets confused, or is being asked more complicated questions, then jump in and take over at the click of a button.

So, do bots get sick?

Of course not! Computers being immune to COVID-19 has led to robots being used around the world in more unusual ways, be it enforcing social distancing in public spaces in Singapore to providing food deliveries. Chatbots on your website can work in the same way. Freeing up humans who can be better suited to more pressing tasks.

Given you some ideas as to how a Chatbot may be able to improve efficiency in your business? Have a chat with us about how we can offer webchat and bot integration on a beautiful website design.

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