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Sales and Marketing Manager at DotGO. Spends the day speaking with small businesses and finding clever ways of using modern technology to its fullest potential.

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What is PPC and how does it help my website design?

Pay Per Click is a popular way to promote your website design. But how does it work and is it right for your website design and business in particular?   more  

What is SEO and why does it matter to my website design?

SEO is one of those jargon buzzwords you'll constantly see when looking for website design. But what is it, and how does it market my business?   more  

How can my hotel benefit from its own website design?

Hospitality businesses tend to rely on booking directories for new customers. But can professional website design create a more effective marketing tool?   more  

How can I use reviews to boost my website design?

Reviews and testimonials on your website design are a great way to build confidence with your clients, but what is the best place to list them?   more  

What is Tidio and how could it help my website design?

Can an online chat tool help improve interactions with your customers?   more  

Is a professional website design better for my business?

Having a professional website design serves as a more effective business tool than building a website yourself. Here are some key reasons why.  more  

Can ecommerce website designs provide classy shopping experiences?

With a move to online shopping and social distancing changing the way retail will work, what could be done to maintain a luxurious and personalised feel with an ecommerce website?   more  

What is domain name and why does it matter to my website?

Domain names showcase what your business is all about and are the first thing customers see on your website design. Here is how you get the most out of them.  more  

Evolving beyond eBay; do I need my own ecommerce website design?

Having your own ecommerce website design could expand an existing marketplace based business and increase sales. Here are some tips on getting started.  more  

How could your bar's website design help with social distancing?

Having your own professional website design can help bars, pubs and cafes enforce social distancing regulations. Keep reading to find out how.   more